12 Fall Fashion Essentials That You Can’t Live Without

Guest post written by Sydney Hahn

From decor, to style, to food, to everything in between, autumn is the perfect time to update your staples. With the seasons changing and the hot weather breaking, we love how fun it is to change up your decor, fashion, and flavors. Check out our favorite fall essentials to help you enjoy sweater weather!

1. Autumn door decor

Fall wreaths are becoming a fashionable way to celebrate the season. This neutral-toned wildflower wreath is a perfect mixture of a summer to fall season that will show everyone at your doorstep that you celebrate the seasons in style. 

2. Leafy candle centerpiece

This festive candle centerpiece will give everyone at your dinner table bonfire vibes. We love the rustic & leafy look this piece brings to your house… and, candles are always the perfect way to bring in the cozy season.

3. Chic white and gold chevron pumpkin

Orange is out, white & gold are in! No need to feel like you need to choose between having no pumpkin or an ugly orange pumpkin. This cute white & gold pumpkin is the best way to fashionably celebrate the season!

4. Cozy plaid vest

With the many weather changes of autumn, vests are always a practical staple to the season. Be practical AND fashionable with this cozy plaid vest.

5. Nutmeg Chelsea boots

We love that the Chelsea boots are a timeless staple for any fall wardrobe. The triangular shape on the side to give a unique look; and, that the nutmeg brown color can be paired with most things in your wardrobe.

6. Lavender slouchy sweater

One timeless must-have is a comfy & cute slouchy sweater. Warm, but light... casual, but fashionable. This lavender slouchy sweater is the perfect addition to your fall collection.

7. Valley plaid fringe scarf

What is fall without a Starbucks pumpkin spice in your cutest plaid scarf? We love that this valley plaid fringe scarf has a subtle plaid pattern that can spice up any outfit.

8. Fall lip color

Investing in a staple lip color is a must. The glossier in subtle peach is the best color to match your fading summer tan and the red, yellow, orange, white & neutral-colored autumn wardrobe. 

9. Eco-friendly reusable coffee mug

In the fall, your coffee mug basically becomes an extension of your arm. Upgrade (or decide to splurge) on this eco-friendly reusable coffee mug. We love that this mug is the same size as a standard cup of coffee (so your barista can serve the appropriate amount), and, a cork material to be able to hold a hot cup of coffee… worry free. 

10. Stainless steel coffee lid

Speaking of coffee, for the year round iced coffee drinkers (guilty), there’s something for you too. This stainless steel coffee lid is the perfect size for any mason jar. Your iced coffee will never look so good!

11. Classic blue jeans:

Cute AND comfy baby blue jeans are a staple for ANY season. But, fall is always the time to update to your new favorite pair of jeans.

12. Chunky phone case

We love the sleek look of this phone case, and that the color matches perfectly with autumn tones. This simple style will also look great with our favorite product… pair with this super cute PopGrip to complete the look.

What’s your favorite fall item for this season? Share with a friend if you’re obsessed with one (or more) of these products.

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