3 Good Places to Volunteer This Fall 

Guest post written by Sydney Hahn

Now that hot days are behind us and cold days are ahead, autumn is the perfect time to get outside and volunteer. During the summer, schedules are off, people are busy, and it’s hard to set aside the time to commit to a charity. Lucky for you, we’ve found three nationwide organizations that are outdoors, empower women, and teach you new skills in the process. So, grab a friend or four and start giving back to your local communities today!

Girls On the Run

There’s nothing quite like a good run on a crisp fall day. Running has a way of making you feel refreshed, accomplished, and rejuvenated. The amazing thing about running is that anyone can do it! Anyone can throw on a pair of running shoes and get out the door.

Girls On the Run is a nationwide organization that works with girls in grades 3-8. They currently impact 225 communities and continue to grow. In the program, girls train for a 5K twice per week in teams. They go through a character curriculum that focuses on three parts: understanding ourselves, valuing relationships & teamwork, and understanding where we connect with the world at large. At the end of the program, the girls compete (and complete) a 5K race.

Completing a 5K gives the girls a real sense of accomplishment and a foundation for pursuing life goals. Girls On the Run is a simple yet effective organization. It is the kind of place where you can learn, grow, and feel proud of your own accomplishments along with the girls you work with. To see if Girls On the Run is in your city OR if you would like to start a chapter of your own, check out their website here.

Little Bellas 

Like Girls on the Run, Little Bellas give you the chance to get outside and get moving. This organization that started in Vermont is now a nationwide organization that focuses on empowering girls ages 7-16 through cycling. Little Bella’s emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, healthy relationships, and goal-setting through their weekly rides and day-long summer camps.

Growing up, co-founder Sabra Davidson saw that girls had a much more prominent lack of self confidence than boys in bike races and mountain biking. Little Bellas uses biking to grow a community of girls into strong & confident young women. If you’d like to help with this organization, click here to volunteer or donate. Become a strong female role model in the lives of young girls and help the next generation of women become future leaders & change makers!

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity is a way to provide a home for a person or family in need before the cold of winter sets in. This organization is both an international and national nonprofit that has helped millions of people get a home. A home isn’t just a place to live in; a home is a source of stability, protection, and joy for people in any situation. Habitat for Humanity not only provides homes for people in need, but also provides financial education, disaster response, and neighborhood revitalization. So what can YOU do?

There are tons of ways to give your time and resources to Habitat for Humanity. You can find a group at school, a religious organization, or build a group among your friends and family to help build a home. And guess what? Habitat for Humanity has something called “Women Build”... a chance for any woman who wants to learn how to build homes by working alongside professionals. Click here to find out more. If you don’t have the time to help build a home, you can start giving financially, or donate items like home goods or your car.

One thing we love about giving your time or money to charity is that you almost always get back more than you give. Each of these organizations gives women a unique opportunity to help others & learn new things in the process. Which one is your favorite organization?

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