Why Less is More: 5 Tips for Simplifying Your Wardrobe


Shopping… it may be a girl’s biggest weakness (shhh, don’t tell)! Pretty much every girl in existence loves a good deal.

50% off already reduced sales? Count me in! Buy one get one free? Yes, please! T-shirts for $5? I already have three, but why not get just one more?!

And even without the deals, the constantly changing world of fashion makes us feel that new shoes, purses, bathing suits, dresses, etc. are a need and not a want. It can be easy to get in a cycle to always want (and feel like you need) to be constantly revamping your wardrobe. Most people only wear 20% of what they own 80% of the time. 

It is tempting for most girls to splurge on a new sweater, or buy 5 t-shirts because you found a deal; but, investing in high quality and timeless staples can give you an understanding of what you really need in your wardrobe, diminish decision fatigue every morning, and be intentional about what you buy.

We want to give you a few tips on how to simplify your wardrobe and a list of basic clothing items that you actually need.

4 Ways to Simplify Your Wardrobe 

Reduce on Items You No Longer Wear

The best tip we’ve run across when it comes to this is the hanger trick. Turn all your clothing items on hangers the opposite way. When you wear a piece of clothing, turn your hanger back to the right way. This can give you a visual of things you actually wear vs the things you hardly wear. 

Have a Limited Amount of Hangers

Get rid of all empty hangers in your closet. If and when you buy a new item of clothing, you have to get rid of one thing before you can put your new clothes in your closet.

Does it Fit or is it Goals?

Yeah, yeah, you’re going to fill it out one day; or, you’re going to shed that 10 pounds by next month. But really, get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you properly. It doesn’t mean you aren’t still working for a perfect body, but you’re not hoarding things you cannot currently use.

Stop Being Sentimental

You’re ratty old t-shirt from your high school cheerleading days may have been cool then, but now, it’s really of no use to you (although, if you have tons of ‘em, try making your t-shirts into a blanket!). But really, those items that you’re holding onto… let’s be real: when are you ever going to wear your old prom dress or graduation gown or wedding dress ever again?

Clothing Essentials

*essentially think about what you would pack for a month-long vacation in a variety of climates*

3-4 long sleeve shirts
3-4 sweaters (keep the ones you can wear with tank tops!)
2-3 skirts/dresses
1-2 great pairs of jeans
3-5 tank tops (make sure they are versatile!)
7 pairs of undies 
2-3 bras (one comfy, one sporty, one sexy!)
1 bathing suit
1 pair of sunglasses
1-2 pairs of shorts
1-2 gym shorts
1-2 leggings
7 pairs of socks
2 coats (one winter, one rain)

The key is to buy high quality, versatile clothing items that can be worn in a variety of ways!

What are we missing from our list? What do you need to do to simplify your wardrobe?