7 Tips to Prepare You for Sorority Recruitment


Guest blog post by Natalie Merrill

Going to college gives you the chance to have a clean slate after high school, but while that means you get to leave the high school drama in the past, it also means you’ll be surrounded by people you’ve yet to meet starting out. 

We think that participating in Sorority Recruitment can be a great way to make connections with women right away, and find a group of women to support and inspire you in your new college environment. 

We’ve put together 7 key tips to make the most of Sorority Recruitment and help you find your people at college!

1)   Treat your recruitment registration form like a resume

One of the biggest mistakes a Potential New Member (PNM) can make is not putting time into their recruitment registration! The photo you send in, information about your extracurriculars, and passions you include are potentially the only things they will know about you ahead of time, so make sure you are thorough. Don’t forget to highlight your involvement in athletics, volunteering, the arts, and any academic societies as well; by including these details you are more likely to talk to someone who you have something in common with during recruitment. 

2)   Get connected with family and friends

Ask the women in your family along with friends about their sorority experience! These connections will be able to share what they got out of joining a sorority, and give you advice as to what to expect. Furthermore, they may even offer to write you a letter of recommendation- don’t be afraid to ask! Having a recommendation letter from an alumni or current sorority member means that they can vouch for your character, and can also help the sorority get a better idea of who you are. If you are a legacy of a particular sorority (your mom, grandma or sister was a member), this is especially true. 

3)   Do your research… but not too much

Before the first day of recruitment, you may be tempted to check out the sorority’s Instagram, website, and even past Bid Day videos on YouTube. While these are ways to get you excited about joining a sorority, make sure to take their social media with a grain of salt, and instead focus on researching information that really matters. Look up each sorority’s philanthropy and fundraisers they throw throughout the year, etc.

4)   Pick outfits that truly represent you

Ditch the cutout bodycon dress or midriff exposed two piece in favor for a classy cocktail or sundress. As for shoes, you will be on your feet for hours, so choose shoes you can walk in comfortably- platform sandals are a great option if heels are too risky! Each school has a different preference for what to wear, but regardless, make sure the dress is something you would wear to a brunch with your family- nothing too scandalous, and more importantly, something that compliments you. Remember, sororities are not recruiting you for how you look, but for the content of your character and how you present it. 

5)   Bring the essentials

The first day of recruitment, you will be visiting anywhere from 6-20 houses, so be prepared! Don’t hesitate to bring a bag with throat lozenges, water, lip balm, deodorant, and a coat if you are in a colder climate. We’d even recommend bringing a change of shoes if you are walking between many different houses! 

6)   They’re interviewing you, but you’re also interviewing them

This is your chance to learn if a sorority is the right fit for you, so initiate conversation and remember you’re interviewing them too! Come prepared with questions, for example, ask what the highlight of their experience was, what made them choose their specific sorority, and what they do to support their philanthropy. If you can find something in common with the woman you are talking to, bond over that shared interest! Keep it wholesome, avoid any partying, political, or boy talk. Don’t be intimidated- these women are just as nervous as you are!

7)   Choose a sorority for your own reasons. 

Perhaps the biggest advice we can give is to choose your sorority for yourself- no one else. If you are a legacy in a certain sorority, make sure to still consider other sororities and decide based off which you feel most at home at. If your friends are obsessed with one sorority, don’t let that sway you into picking the same one just because they think it is the coolest option. Your decision should be determined by your personal connection with each sorority, and at the end of the day, that’s how you will truly find your home away from home at college.

Are you looking to join a sorority this year? Have experience on the other side of recruitment? Let us know if you have any tips to add!

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