Best 6 Charities to Donate to This Memorial Day


Is it really here? Is the longgg winter finally over? We don’t know about you, but this winter has felt especially and cold, so the promise of a record-breaking heat wave sweeping the nation only makes this weekend even more special.

We love celebrating Memorial Day by spending time with family and friends and feeling free of all the cares of this world. It reminds us of all the fun and exciting things that summer has to offer.

Although Memorial weekend has become a way to celebrate the beginning of summer, we want to take time to remember what it’s truly about by honoring the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. We remember you, we thank you, and we salute you.

One way to honor these brave heroes’ memories is by looking for ways to serve our past and present military men and women.

There are over 46,000 veteran organizations and charities in America, so we’ve compiled a rather less-daunting list of our favorite places you can support.

Check out the list below and show our veterans we are grateful for their service!

1.Gary Sinise Foundation

“While we can never do enough for our defenders and their loved ones, we can always do a little more.”

The Gary Sinise foundation is designed to show gratitude to our nation’s defenders through family support, entertainment, acts of appreciation, and education. This includes modified and mortgage free homes for the severely wounded; events, retreats, and mentoring programs to boost morale and healing; and opportunity for veterans to visit museums in their honor as well as the chance to share their own stories.

2. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

“Protecting those who protected us.”

It’s a sad reality that many of our nation's heroes return from combat to face more difficulties in a struggle with mental health. The veteran suicide rate is 1.5x higher than the rest of the population totaling over 6,000 deaths by suicide per year. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is currently pushing for legislation that will protect veterans mental health and are looking to people to advocate for the same things. They also have a number of hotlines to call for those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Here are some ways you can get involved.

3. Fisher House Foundation

“A family’s love is good medicine.”

The Fisher House foundation builds comfort homes for families free of charge while their loved ones are in the hospital. These homes are located at military and VA hospitals around the world. They also provide free transportation using donated frequent flyer miles. This brings loved ones to the bedside of injured or ill military members. The services provided by the Fisher House foundation has saved military members and families an estimated $451 million. There are many ways to give and volunteer.

4. Semper Fi Fund

“Compassion in action.”

The Semper Fi Fund has three main programs: family support, integrated wellness, and transition. Each are created to ease the transition from soldier to civilian. Founded in 2003 by a group of military spouses, the Semper Fi fund aims to provide financial assistance and programming to severely wounded or critically ill soldiers during their hospital stay and recovery. Their integrated wellness programs gives PTSD and TBS support, neurofitness, specialized equipment, sports programs, post-traumatic growth videos, and much more. They also do family outreach initiatives, like providing summer camp for children of wounded service members.

5. Bob Woodruff Family Foundation

“Taking a stand4heroes.”

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is unique among veteran and charity organizations. This foundation recognizes the wide scope and variety of veteran charities and seek to navigate the maze of 46,000 nonprofits to find and fund innovative programs that helps vets around the nation. They view and treat grant seekers for their impact, sustainability, and diversity in meeting needs. They primarily focus on three areas: rehabilitation and recovery, education and employment, and quality of life. If you’re not 100% sure which organization to support, this may be the one as they give to a number of high quality veteran and military charities around the nation.

6. Operation Homefront

“Our mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive.”

Operation Homefront provides assistance by paying utility bills, mortgages, and other financial needs to ensure a short term problem does not become worse. Operation Homefront understands the up front difficulties that military families often experience as they transition into civilian life. Their website also highlights current needs for specific families you can help out. Some recent needs they have highlighted is food assistance for an army family in Wyoming, medical help for a veteran in Virginia, or a former Army medic and Bronze Star recipient who needs assistance after falling behind on his bills.

Based on where you live, you can find opportunities to volunteer by providing meals, school supplies, and other resources for veterans.


Ladies, we hope you enjoy your day with family and friends, but before you do, we recommend that you watch this video to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day. Or, watch this heartwarming video of soldier’s coming home to their family after being on duty

To those who lost their lives protecting our country: we will never forget your sacrifice.

And if you are a veteran or in the military: thank you for serving. Our country is better because of you.