Best Bachelorette Party Ideas


It’s wedding season, and do you know what that means? Bachelorette parties are underway!

Celebrating a loved one with your “bride tribe” gear and a mimosa is the only way to do things. We know that being a maid of honor can be difficult sometimes. Not only are you planning a wide variety of events and making sure your bestie is feelin’ the love; lots of times, you’re also shelling out a buttload of money to make sure she has the perfect party.

Since we know that being a maid of honor can be a lot, we decided to make it a little easier on you and come up with some of the best activities for bachelorette parties. First consider the budget and the amount of time you have together. There’s a difference between one night of fun a few days before the wedding, and an entire weekend where you can go wherever you want. The ideas below are for a variety of budgets and time ranges.

Rage room

For the bride with a lot of pent up stress, these are a perfect release. Similar to an escape room, a rage room is designed to release all that pre-wedding frustration by hitting, striking, beating, and hammering smash-able objects in a room. Any Bachelorette fans here? This idea comes directly from Rachel Lindsay’s season. If you don’t have a rage room in the area, throwing an axe or going to a shooting range can also be a great way to release pent up stress or range. Let it out, ladies!

Hike + picnic

Speaking of the Bachelorette, take a leaf (or a rose) out of the Bachelorette’s book and plan a hike ending in a fancy picnic with a good view. We know you probably can’t bring a hot tub up the mountains with you, but arrange to end your hike with a picnic basket and blanket that includes a cheese platter, chocolates wine, champagne, and anything else you can think of! It’s a great way to get out in nature, enjoy the fresh air, and have a little pre dinner snack to celebrate.

Scavenger hunt

Especially if you’re visiting a new city or area, planning a scavenger hunt is guaranteed to be a big hit! We think LetsRoam is a perfect app to have a good time with. All you have to do is download the app and play at any time! LetsRoam is in 350+ cities around the world, so see if it’s in your city! If you don’t want to pay the $20/person, find some free and downloadable scavenger hunts here.

Take a trip

The world is your oyster, ladies, and it’s time to use the opportunity to enjoy one last hurrah for the bride-to-be. Obviously, there are LOADS of places to go (hello, Las Vegas!), but we wanted to tell you why you should consider our four favorites:

  1. Kelowna: In British Columbia, it offers beaches, wine, and hikes. For a Bachelorette party, there’s not much more you could ask for!

  2. Halifax: In Nova Scotia, there are more breweries per capita in Halifax than anywhere else in Canada. This seaside town is picturesque. Travel to Peggy’s Cove, the most photographed spot in Canada.

  3. Chicago/NYC: Big city fun is often the best way to go! Both these cities offer shows, nightlife, shopping, and exploring.

  4. Florida/California: Especially if you’re planning a winter/early spring party, the warm weather, beaches, and clubs are a win for all the gals craving to get out of the cold.

A day on the water

What’s more fun than renting a pontoon or yacht to spend a day out on the water!? Grab a cooler full of drinks, match your cutest bathing suits, and find the most relaxing tubes to float on. There’s always a good lake or ocean around to enjoy the sun and get your tan on!

Wine tasting

Plan out your entire day around wine tasting… rent a limo or party bus, plot your stops, and arrange a late night dinner. Throw on your cutest little black dresses and enjoy the most picturesque spots around with a glass of wine and good company.

Day trip to a spa

There’s nothing more a girl loves than a good spa day, especially with the stress of wedding planning. Set up a day or weekend trip to the spa and let yourself be pampered. This is an especially great idea if the party is close to the time of the wedding… feel good AND look good for the big day.

Make your own lingerie

Yeah, this might be a little weird for some of us, too, but for the crafty ladies in the group, making your own lingerie  is a fun way to celebrate the bride and cater to her preferences. Make her feel cute & sexy, and she’ll never forget who helped make her wedding night extra special. ;)

Take unique classes

Trapeze, renting out a barre studio for a class, or rock climbing are some fun classes the whole party can try out! Doing a fun class not only makes the day memorable, but it is also something that the bride and her gal pals can hopefully take home with her.

Now that you have the party planned, need some extra tips? Check out fun & hilarious game ideas, here or here, awesome decorations, and yummy drinks.

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