Best Places to Find Business-Professional Clothes


You just got your first “adult job”, but crap! This means that, instead of your typical wardrobe of fashionably holey jeans, comfy tees, and sweet converse kicks, you are now going to have to wear “adult” clothing as well...

For some of you, it may sound fun and exciting to update your wardrobe. For others, it sounds like wearisome task just to get started. The business world believes that a high clothing standard in the workplace is essential, and we know that what you wear reflects who you are (to an extent, of course). But here’s the good news... business professional does not mean that you have to wear dismal black and whites clothing… you can look professional and like yourself!


Loft is so perfect, that when you go to their website, they have a section called “What to Wear to Work”! We love Loft not only for it’s cute and affordable clothing, but also because they have such a wide selection in sizes. Whether you’re short, tall, big, or petite, Loft has it all! Nice-fitting pants, blazers, and work shirts can be difficult to find. We’ve found that Loft is the best place for just the occasion. They also have a wide selection of blazers and cardigans that always match the current trends. Loft is also one of the most affordable stores for nice work clothes--especially if you go to a factory store.

White House Black Market

White House Black Market is similar to a higher-end Loft. But if you look in their sale section, you’ll find a variety of more affordable clothes. White House Black Market has a ton of different styles and is always updating/replacing their inventory. You may even want to go to their site for ideas to figure out new ways to style.

Pssst… they also have a petite section for all you smaller ladies out there!

New York and Company

New York and Company has an array of affordable and cute clothing that will fit any size or body shape. Their clothes not only come in both petite and tall, they also have a range of high-end clothing to affordable clothing. Perhaps the best thing about New York and Company is that they have a wide variety of designers and clothing. This may just be our favorite part about New York and Company because you can style your work clothes to fit your personality and also look professional. They almost feel like a high quality Forever-21. This store will definitely get you excited to update your work-wardrobe!

Clothes Mentor

If you are someone who literally has zero business professional clothes, then Clothes Mentor is the perfect place for you. Not sure what Clothes Mentor is? Think like a Plato’s Closet for adults. Although it’s a second-hand store, they keep their standards high and make sure that their clothes are cute and fashionable. If you are someone struggling to find the right work clothes, this is the perfect place to go. They have a free personal stylist that will basically do your shopping for you. Just fill out a form on their website, schedule an appointment, and your personal shopper will get you exactly what you’re looking for! Clothes Mentor is affordable, fashionable, easy shopping, and sustainable.


*One last fast tip: thrift shops generally take all different types of clothing, but consignment stores mostly just take name brands. We know someone who bought an Oscar De la Renta (worth $2,000) dress for $75!

These are just a few of the many incredible stores out there to search for professional clothing. Where is your favorite place to shop? We’re always looking to increase our list-- comment below with any suggestions!