Cheap and Free ways to Decorate Your Space

Guest post written by Sydney Hahn

As the “back-to-school” mentality sets in, plenty of people are looking to decorate a new space or revamp the one that their in. You don’t need to spend tons of $$ at Target, Ikea, Wayfair, or that alike. There are plenty of DIY crafts, free decorative options, great thrifting, and more to decorate your space with! We’ve come up with TONS of ways for you to think outside of the box and change up the look of your space for cheap or free!

DIY Crafts

  • Honeycomb Shelf

    • What you need: glue, popsicle sticks, stain or paint. It’s as simple as gluing the popsicle sticks to make a hexagon shape and then staining it a darker color. These work great as a textured piece in your house and can even operate as a mini shelf. 

  • Free printables online 

    • There are plenty of places to find free printable artwork. Find the perfect artwork for you and your house, go thrifting at  goodwill or a garage sale, and find cheap & unique frames to match.

  • Freshen up your cabinets

    • If you’re looking for a super cheap remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, repainting your cabinets is the way to go. Spend as little as $50 to completely change and update the look of a room. 

  • Nautical vases

    • What you need: hot glue, a rope, and a jar. Wrap the rope around your jar and create a unique vase.

  • Wall mount easel

    • This is a great decoration, especially with kids. Give them a chance to color or write on the wall! If you don’t have kids, you can use this as as grocery or to-do list. What you need: kraft paper, ikea curtain rod, 1 set raffig finials, 2 betydlig brackets, wood (36 in), and black spray paint. Total cost should be under $10.

  • Utilize string lights

    • Simply hang your christmas lights along a while, pile it into a jug, outline a mirror, and much more! String lights can be an easy way to brighten up a home. Click the link above for more ideas on how you can decorate with your lights.

  • Picture hanging display

    • What you need: String and clothesline hangers. There are tons of cool ways that you can display your pictures or quotes with just some string and clothesline hangers. 

  • Jewelry art display

    • There are plenty of ways to transform your clumpy pile of jewelry into a cute little display of art work. Here is a simple DIY, but there are plenty of other ways to display your jewelry like a mesh, framed panel! 

Use what you have

  • Turn a stool into a side table… or anything for that matter! Learn to look at your furniture and household items differently & use them in unique ways.

  • Organize your bookshelf: a messy bookshelf can make the entire room look messy. Try stacking books on the side instead of upright, add a vase or a candle as a bookend, and think of your bookshelf as another way to decorate!

  • Rearrange your furniture… so simple, so easy. You don’t have to buy a single thing! Think about ways you can open up your space to look more airy and cheerful.

  • Using blankets to accent furniture can especially help during holiday seasons when you want your house to match the festivities. Blankets are a great way to decorate and add color to your home

  • Have old encyclopedias or large books? Try stacked books as a kind of side table in your living room. Put a candle or vase on the top as a focal piece for the room.

Go natural

  • Driftwood

    • Large pieces of wood can look great on a table to add texture to a surface.

  • Rocks

    • Put cool rocks in your vases or display them on a shelf.

  • Dried flowers

    • Instead of always needed to replace fresh flowers, dry your favorites and use them to accent your house. All you need to dry flowers is to hang them upside down on a string for a few days!

  • Pine boughs

    • Wanna decorate cheap for the winter? Just go outside, cut some boughs off of your pine tree, and throw them on tables, shelves, etc. to give your house a wintery green look.

  • Acorns and pine cones

    • Just set these in a bowl, and viola! You’ve given your space a rustic look.

Repurpose furniture

  • Cushions + pallet as a couch

    • Check out how cute these couches are! If you’re looking to furnish your space with cute & comfy couches, this is a cheap way to go! Tip: set pallets against your walls with cushions/pillows on top! 

  • Sink vanity from a dresser

    • If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, a cheap, unique, and cute way to update your sink is by refurbishing an old dresser and using it as your vanity. 

Garage sales

Find these items at garage sales to spruce up your home.

  • Old ladders

    • Works great as a place to store your blankets! You can also leave it as a display in your living room and wrap lights around it.

  • Window frames

    • There’s quite a bit you can do with old windows. Even if you don’t have an idea in mind just yet, there are plenty of ways to go. 

  • Old doors

    • Did you know that you can use these as a bedframe? Don’t count out anything!

Other things

  • Decor swap with friends

    • Invite a group of your best galpal’s over and have them bring 5-10 decoration items they no longer use or like. Host a giant decor swap so everyone walks away with something they love!

  • Check and see if your local library has decorations to check out

    • Did you know that some public libraries have an array of decor that they let patrons check out for 6 months at a time? When you have to return the decor, it’s almost like you get to shop again to change the style of your house! If your library doesn’t have artwork to check out, see if they have free classes where you can make your own.

Are you trying to revamp your space? What look are you going for? What are some of your favorite decorations and trends?

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