Decorate Your House for Halloween Based on Your Enneagram

Guest post written by Sydney Hahn

Halloween is right around the corner and there are tons of directions to go to prep your house for trick or treaters. You can make your house look cute, scary, or anything in between. Depending on what you’re enneagram number is, you probably have something specific in mind. If you’re a 6, you might be thinking more about how to keep your trick or treaters safe; or, if you’re a 7, you want to create a night full of scary fun! Whatever number you are, there are perfect Halloween decorations to fit all your wants and needs! Check out the list below to find out what decoration you should get. 


Since you like to be useful and have a strong desire for justice, stick with practical, yet innovative Halloween decorations. Since you’ll already be giving candy to the trick or treaters, set out your candy in a holder like this. You can leave it outside and let kids grab what they want! If you want to hand out candy yourself, this bowl is perfect for the season.


Your favorite thing is to make people feel loved. You enjoy lending a helping hand and showing people that they are supported. The best decoration to get to enjoy the season is an array of mums. Mums are a beautiful fall flower that can brighten anyone’s day. Get red, orange, yellow, and white mums to really celebrate the season and make your guests feel welcome in your home!


You want your house to look the scariest on the block, but you also want to be practical and efficient with your decorations.  The scariest things are the things that are real. These spider webs are cost effective,  scary, and easy to use… they are just perfect for the season! Hang the spider webs across your doorstep or in the entryway of your house for an extra spooky effect. Impress your neighbors + scare all the kids.


Since you’re creative and like a more unique/edgy/”you” look, hang this rustic looking halloween bat wreath for some spooky, yet chic halloween vibes. If you want to make your look especially unique & creative, check out these DIY Halloween wreaths to really do you.


You’re the kind of person who loves to know the who, what, when, where, and why behind everything. For you, Halloween has more to do with tradition and history than anything. So, the best way for you to decorate is to stick with what historically makes Halloween the holiday it is. Since traditionally, many cultures celebrated this time of the year for the harvest, decorate with corn husks, pumpkins, dry leaves, scarecrows, and dried wheat. Embrace autumn, history, and Halloween culture! 


Sometimes when you think of Halloween, you think of all the children walking around in the dark, tripping over long costumes. It’s just in your nature to think of all possible scenarios, so the best decoration for you are these lighted bags. Line your walkway or patio with these on point halloween lights. Candles & lights are perfect for the season, and these bags are perfect, for avoiding accidents… especially when kids are trying to find your house in the dark!


For you, Halloween is about fun, and what’s more fun than transforming your house into a very own haunted house? Go all out with fog, clowns, and even create your own decor. Make your house the scariest on the block and the talk of the town by making it a real adventure for kids to get to your door for candy.


As an eight, you thrive on being in control and tend to push back on anything that gets in your way. With Halloween, your favorite thing to do is to go big or go home. Dress up as the clown or zombie from a child’s nightmare and see their reaction as you pass out candy. Obviously, Halloween isn’t just for kids, right?!


You’re naturally a peacemaker, so all of that scary stuff makes you feel kind of uneasy. You want everyone to feel good about themselves, so you’re not concerned with making your house the scariest on the block. Line your walkway, front entrance, or steps with carved pumpkins. Your pumpkins are guaranteed to make people feel good when they see your house!

What enneagram number are you? How did you decorate for Halloween? Share with a friend who needs help finding the perfect Halloween decorations!

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