How to Become a Grocery Shopping Queen


Ohhhh grocery shopping. Does everyone have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping? It’s so nice to see a freshly stocked fridge (and know that you won’t starve for at least a week!), but does the whole ordeal have to seem like such a chore? Since everybody’s gotta do it, you might as well slay at your grocery game!

Finding a good deal and spending less on groceries than you intended can feel really good. We want you to become a grocery queen, so we are giving you our best tips & tricks when it comes to your grocery store hunts.

  • Buy meat on sale

Meat tends to be one of the most expensive items to buy, so make your freezer a friend. Try to avoid buying full priced meat, and instead, when you see a good sale, buy meat. Once you stock up on meat, plan your meals around whatever you have in the freezer.

  • Buy produce that is not prepackaged 

Yes, it’s convenient to be able to get nicely cut and washed lettuce in a nice little package, but it also tends to wrack up your grocery bill. Lettuce in an uncut bunch tends to be 3-4x less expensive than already cute & washed lettuce. Likewise, produce like tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, herbs, potatoes, and the like tend to be a lot cheaper when they are not prepackaged.

  • Download the grocery store app and find coupons

If you only shop at one or two different grocery stores, utilize their app or in-store coupons. While you are making your grocery list, surf the app and plan your meals around what deals you can find.

  • Write a list before you go, plan your menu

Instead of trying to shop off the top of your head, plan a tentative menu for the week and figure out what ingredients you need. Base your menu and list off of foods you already have so that you’re always using what you have on hand.

  • Plan a few meals without meat

Like we said above, meat is often one of the more expensive items to buy. Plan one or two meals a week where you are not eating meat (or eating less meat). Lentils, nuts, and beans can be a filling replacement for meat. Try making a simple meal like refried bean burritos or lentil soup. 

  • Drink more water

Buying drinks might be nice for a morning wake up or end of the day relaxor, but avoiding drinks are an easy way to decrease your grocery bill. Plus, water is healthier anyways!

  • Be willing to buy off-brand items

Don’t be a snob… did you know that off-brand items are often made by the same company but packaged differently? It may just be a matter of dollars and cents to choose the off-brand cereal, but it adds up over time and often the quality isn’t different!

  • Shop at more than one store

Oftentimes, some grocery stores may have better (or a more variety) of snacks, but others have better priced produce. Be willing to take a little bit more time to shop at multiple stores.

  • Look for markdowns

A lot of stores have “manager markdowns” or, at Kroger, “woohoo’s”. Get in the practice of looking for markdowns, and if you find a great deal on oatmeal, be willing to have oatmeal for breakfast this week instead of cereal.

  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Hopefully your ma told you allllll about this one. Shopping hungry = too many impulse purchases. Eat before you go to the grocery store and your wallet will thank you later.

  • Pay with cash

Don’t knock it until you try it! Paying with cash ensures that you can’t go over budget. Only bring what you have budgeted and it will force you to shop within your means.

  • Have a grocery budget

Perhaps the simplest way to save on groceries is having a grocery store budget. Ideally, you should only be spending $20-30/person for a week of groceries. If you’re not there yet, try shrinking your budget by 2-3% a week.

What are your favorite ways to save while grocery shopping?