How to Make Friends as an Adult


The three biggest ways in making friends as an adult is positioning yourself around the people you want to spend time with, getting out of your comfort zone, and following up (even if it’s awkward or forced!).

Finding true, genuine, and quality friendships is not always as easy as it was in high school or college. Life in the real world is busy, and good friendships take time. That being said, how do you actually find these future besties? Find a list of our best advice below.

Utilize the internet:

  • Meetups: Meetups are a way to connect with people who have similar interests as you. Whether you’re looking for a workout group, hiking group, pick up volleyball, or people who are the same age as you, meetups are a great way to find friends + do something fun.

  • CitySocializer: This is a way to meet up with friends and do things around your city. City Socializer provides people with a place to connect through common interests and events to meet up in real life. Unlike meetups, this website is kind of like a social media site where you can “friend” and chat with people online before you meet up with them.

  • SheFactor: Ever heard of it? We hope so. SheFactor is designed for millennial women, fresh-faced, and ready to take on the world. SheFactor doesn’t only help you create/work towards your goals; but it gives you a network of gal pals in cities, colleges, and companies called “squads”. 

Festivals and Events: 

  • Nearify: This is an app the updates you on events happening around your city. From food, to music, to fun, Nearify gives you in-the-know info in all the happenings around the city!

  • Coffee shop flyers: Maybe it’s time you actually read this. Flyers can give you details on events going on around you. Find something that’s interesting and make an effort to meet people there!

  • First Fridays: Most cities and towns have things going on during the first Friday of every month. Usually businesses participate with discount codes and samples. You could find anything ranging from ice sculpting in the winter and fireworks in the summer!

  • SofarSounds: These events are for true music lovers everywhere! With Sofar, you can find all kinds of shows happening in all kinds of spaces. If you enjoy the beauty & art of live music, finding new & unique artists, and enjoying it with others, this is a great way to find a group of people who love the same things you do. 

Connect with a faith group

  • OneTable: One Table is a Jewish Shabbat or dinner that is usually an open dinner to anyone (+free!) and hosted at someone’s house. Whether your Jewish or not, it’s a great way to meet other 20-somethings and enjoy good food + conversation. 

  • Small groups: Most Christian churches host small groups. Usually a small group consists of a weekly or biweekly meal, study, and fellowship. Small groups are a great way to dive in deep with people on a consistent basis. 

  • Yoga Classes: While yoga is mainly used for fitness, it can also help you in grounding and meditation. If you see yourself as a more spiritual person, finding a good yoga class can connect you with others who see the world in the same way.

Source friends

Usually when you move to a city you have at least some connections. Even if you haven’t talked with a friend, coworker, or acquaintance in a while, reaching out through social media, email, or text can help you network and find a group for you. Whether he or she is a mutual friend or a former best friend, use your resources and you may be surprised with what friendship can come from your efforts. 

Make an effort with coworkers

Your coworkers are often the people that you spend your time around the most, and see regularly. Make an effort to go above and beyond for the people you work with. Ask them to lunch, coffee, or happy hour… get their phone numbers and connect with them on social media. Take the time to invest in people you are spending most of your time around.

We know that finding friends as an adult can be a lot harder outside of high school and college (a hotbed of potential friends, all in the same stage of life as you!). Remember, that developing strong friendships doesn’t just happen overnight. Put yourself out there. Go out of your comfort zone. And be intentional about following up. 

We believe in you, girlfriend!