How to Stay Close With Your Bestie When You Have A Significant Other

Guest post written by Sydney Hahn

Things are starting to heat up with your significant other-- maybe you moved in together, you got engaged (or married?!), or you just got passed your 3rd date--whatever it is, sometimes our friends can be put on the backburner. Just because you’re dating or getting serious, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriends need to be a low priority.

Since it’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the excitement of love, we’ve put together some easy ways for things to stay the same, even when things are starting to heat up.

●      Girl’s Night

Find a reason to meet up and get together on a consistent basis. You could have a TV show like The Bachelor/Bachelorette that you watch together every week, meet up for a workout class after work, do a little book club, or have meal-prep time! Once real-life adult stuff hits, it can be easy to get caught up in the everyday grind and make your friends a low priority. Having a reason to meet up on a consistent basis (especially if you can be productive while doing so) is a seamless way to keep your friendship strong. Make sure to protect your time with your gal pal and don’t let your significant other join. They have you 24/7, so make your bestie a priority.

●      Friendcation

Have a friendcation requires more time & effort, but it’s a great way to create fun memories and bond. Having your significant other around can really change the dynamic of your relationship with your friends. To preserve that special bond, make your invites girls only. Create a Facebook group (everyone has a Facebook!), start a poll for what dates and places people want to go to, and plan a time where most of your friends can attend! Look into renting an airbnb together or even going camping. Do the things that brought your friends together in the first place. Find outdoor activities, vineyards, and concerts that will remind you of all your fun times and create new times of your own!

●      Holiday get-together

For our favorite watchers of the show, Friends, you all know that they celebrated every holiday together. While obviously most of us spend time with our family over the holidays, there are tons of fun ways to celebrate with your friends. For thanksgiving, host a “friendsgiving”. It can be as easy as a food list on google drive for people to sign up for! For Christmas, have a cookie decorating party, ugly sweater party, or a white elephant gift exchange! Whatever holiday it is, make sure that you’re celebrating with your friends as well as family. 

●      Call them In the Car

Calling your bestie in the car is an easy go-to. Instead of listening to your typical podcast or playlist, use your car time as an excuse to catch up with your bestie! Don’t have a long drive? Look for times free times in your average day to make a phone call… when you’re making dinner, cleaning the house, or on a walk, there are always times you can catch up!

●      Start a Snapchat Group

Our phones almost never leave our hands, so snapchatting funny faces or interesting things throughout your day can help you always be in the know about what’s going on during their day.  

●      Frequent Their Social Media

Speaking of Snapchat, using social media to stay close with your bestie is a simple way to be in contact. Be the friend that comments, likes, and responds to stories. If you’re already on social media let your bestie know that they mean enough to you to interact with their account.

●      Marco Polo/Voxer

Ever heard of them? Marco Polo is a video app where you can send videos to your contacts. If your friend isn’t picking up their phone, share what you wanted to say on Marco Polo. If you don’t like seeing yourself on video, try using the app, Voxer. Voxer is basically like leaving voicemails for people. They receive the audio message instantaneously, so it can be another way to talk without feeling the pressure of immediately responding.


Just because the relationship with your boo is getting more serious, it doesn’t mean that your relationship with your bestie needs to change. In the same way that you protect your time with your significant other, make the friends in your life a priority, too.

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