How to Volunteer at Humane Societies

Guest post written by Sydney Hahn

If you’re looking for a way to give back and you’re an animal lover, humane societies or pet shelters are the way to go. Shelters hold tons of formerly neglected and abused animals that need lots of lovin’.

Just like a lot of nonprofits, pet shelters are normally short on help. Dogs need walked, cages need cleaned, and toys need to be given. If you do decide to volunteer, make sure that you go to their website and fill out a volunteer form. You can also find the most frequently asked questions here. There are lots of ways to help out a humane society. Look below for our best ideas:

Walk dogs

A lot of the dogs at the humane society are stuck in cages for most of the time, so taking them out on a walk is a great way to interact with the pets and show them love. Many times, humane societies will have play and walk areas for volunteers to take dogs to. While you’re out there, there are usually opportunities to give doggy baths. So, grab your bestie or partner and make some puppy friends.

Foster animals

Did you know that a lot of humane societies like to foster dogs & other pets? Oftentimes, animals come off the streets broken from neglect and abuse. Fostering pets is a way to help them gain trust in humans again. Bringing a pet into your home to foster and showing them love can have a really positive long term effect on a family who is willing to give a forever home to a pet.

Advertise adoption needs

Helping out at a humane society can be as easy as a post on your social media. There are lots of opportunities for people to get a pet, so posting about a pet in need of a home can greatly increase the likelihood of adoption. If you regularly go to your local humane society or pet shelter, you can see how

Clean out cages

The worst job… No one likes doing it. Have you ever gone into an animal shelter and gagged because of the terrible smell of urine and poop? Many animals are living in awful, unsanitary conditions because cages require so much constant cleaning. Give the workers some relief, and be willing to (literally) get down and dirty to give the animals a healthier living environment.

Donate toys & food

Already have a pet of your own? A lot of humane societies and pet shelters merely need the basics to take in more animals. If you already have a pet of your own, consider donating old toys, pet supplies, and food to your local animal shelter. Appropriate animal supplies can make a world of difference for the pets at the shelter.


We love animals here at SheFactor… Did you know that our very own founder & CEO, Heidi Ganahl, founded the well known doggy daycare called Camp Bow Wow? If you’re an animal lover, what are ways that you give back?

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