We’re not your average cheerleading squad, we’re your squad for life. At the very foundation of everything She is community—we all have She within us, and we’re all on the same journey to uncover the best version of ourselves. Your Journey to She.

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our why

we're here
for you...

our why Your 20's and 30's come with a roller coaster of emotions, and LOTS of change. It’s much better to figure out who you are and where you want to go sooner rather than later. We know because we've been there, too.

let's get real...

what's holding you back
  • You want more for your life but don’t know where to start.
  • You're craving REAL, authentic relationships with amazing women.
  • You're struggling to find purpose, passion & fulfillment in your life.
  • You want the freedom to do more of what you love, with those you love.
  • You have no sense of “balance” in my life, feeling burnt out and stuck. 


We know what you’re up against, and we know the world today is that much more difficult to navigate than it once was. Your world is changing every single day. But what the world doesn’t know is just how much you’re growing, too. You deserve to be celebrated. And here at SheFactor, you have a place where you will ALWAYS be celebrated. That’s what we need more of in society—people who are willing to honor each other and build each other up as we work together to create a new future. 

This community was created as a space to celebrate each other and grow together. Your 20's is a decade of constant evolution, a phase of your life when you're finally on your own to figure out who you are and what you really want. But you don't have to do it alone. There's a special type of magic that happens when women come together, support one another, and walk this Journey to She together. We know because it's happening right here... right now, in this community.

That’s having a PRESENT POWER. That’s building a FUTURE FIERCE. That’s our SheFactor.


join the

  • Join a community of women who will stand by you in tough times, build you up every. fricken. day. And who will cheer you on as you grow into the best version of yourself. 
  • Start living your life with more purpose, passion, and excitement! 
  • Tap into the resources necessary to make moves towards your goals.
  • Feel connected, inspired, encouraged, equipped, and more than anything, CONFIDENT in this life your building.

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what our members are saying...

2020 brought me the amazing community of SheFactor. I’ve learned so much through their various virtual events (especially the finance one), but what I’ve really benefitted from is the friends I have made through SheFactor’s happy hour. I randomly logged on in April and have barely missed a week ever since. These ladies have become some of my closest friends and biggest life cheerleaders. They are the first people I want to tell things to — good or bad — and the women who push me to be a better version of myself. I truly do not have words to describe these amazing women, but I’m so thankful for the hours we spend laughing over zoom and the individual friendships I nurture through book clubs and meetups in my state. I love growing with these women and I can’t wait to continue to cheer each other on through the crazy journey called life.

Erin M. Prescott, AZ

I first found SheFactor while at a conference. They had a booth and if you followed them on Insta, you got to spin their prize wheel (I won a super cute bookmark). I had no idea what a difference that one follow would bring me. Because of SheFactor I have learned so much from the virtual events, connected with an amazing Career Coach, and of course, loved all of my VIP Boxes. More than anything, SheFactor has brought me a group of true friends that truly support and empower each other. We all know 2020 sucked, but my SheFactor ladies made it suck a lot less.

Cat H. Boston, MA

SheFactor has made a huge impact on my life. Because of it, I have gained several new girlfriends and a whole new perspective on life. I am more determined than ever to create the life I love and I have SheFactor to thank for that.

Danielle R. Cooper City, FL

SheFactor is what every young professional woman needs. Between the amazing resources, the outstanding community, and the infectious passion you can’t help but feel empowered and ready to take on the world (with an amazing hype squad behind you). Being a member of the SheFactor community has continually reminded me of my worth and inspire me to do more and reach for the stars.

Kayla G. Phoenix, AZ

In a year of change, SheFactor has been a constant for me. I really cannot say enough positive things about SheFactor and co-founder, Tori Ganahl. Being part of this community is like getting a virtual hug every day and during these times we could all use that

The VIP boxes are the best, with a handwritten personal note and unique products that I love. What a great way to reward yourself every month! There is so much content that will fuel you on your quest to live your best life.

I’m ready to move into 2021 and continue to grow and thrive within this great community.

Caroline A. Riverside, CA

I'm so glad to have met the amazing community of ladies at SheFactor! These girls have become some of my closest friends, even though we have never even met in real life! It is always the highlight of my week to see their smiling faces, hear about their amazing accomplishments, and offer each other support when times get tough. I couldn't imagine a better group of incredible boss babes!

Julia M. Jersey City, NJ





create a life you love

this if for you if...

You want friendships that make you feel supported, loved, and appreciated. 

You're ready to feel more inspired, driven, and excited about your goals & your future.

You're craving balance, self-care, passion, purpose, belonging, and connection.

You're sick of "society's plan" and you're ready to start thriving, not just surviving.

You don't want to wait years & years to feel "ready" to go after your dreams, you want to start living NOW. 

You're tired of putting everything and everyone before yourself, you need time and energy to give to YOU.

let's be
BFFs, girl!

Hi, I'm Tori! SheFactor was born out of my own experience as a 20-something, graduating college and having no idea what came next. After a couple years of the "golden handcuffs" and struggling to find balance and joy in my post-grad life, here I am... 25 years old and realizing that the "real world" is actually pretty fricken awesome!

I was never the girl who had one group of girlfriends (or even one BFF)... I always craved deeper, more meaningful relationships. The women of this community have become my rock, and I want you to experience the magic of that unwavering support that has seriously changed everything for me. So let's be friends, babe!


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