fashion Nov 18, 2020

Part of curating your personal brand is by getting rid of clothing, jewelry, or accessories that just don’t fit with your look. If your closet isn’t filled with only things that you love, then maybe it’s time to think about a serious purge. Anyone getting ready for their closet purge is bound to feel mixed emotions… excitement, terror, & everything in between. While it’s always a relief to see a freshly decluttered closet, it can be difficult parting with well-loved clothes. Sometimes, you feel like there’s nothing you can say goodbye too. Lucky for you, there are a few obvious items of clothing that you probably won’t have a hard time parting with. The easiest/best way to start off your closet purge is by combing through the different things on this list and throwing them out!


1. You can’t wear them with other pieces. The infamous question: “Can you wear it with at least 3 other items of clothing in your closet?” will help you decide if you really should keep the leopard print statement pants or toss ‘em. Don’t hold onto something too long because you can imagine wearing it for one special occasion.


2. The too high heels. You bought them on clearance, and they don’t quite fit right, so they’ve been taking up space for awhile. If you can barely walk out the door in your shoes, then they’re not worth keeping. While you might look babe-a-licious in them, beauty does not have to mean pain.


3. The ugly bridesmaid dresses. Bless the girlfriend that picks out a dress you can actually use again, but too often, bridesmaid dresses are unusable after the one wear. If you don’t have a good use for the dress, donate it! Who knows? There might be another girl out there in need of a one-time bridesmaid dress.


4. The ‘once upon a time’ outfit. It may have been your favorite dress in middle school, but things have changed: whether too short, too tight, too loose, or anything in between, get rid of all the clothes & outfits that you’ve outgrown. 


5. The t-shirts you never wear. You should probably never have more than 10 t-shirts in your closet at any given time. And even 10 is a lot. Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate t-shirts from schools, sporting events, 5ks, or charity work… everyone & anyone seems to love givin’ them out. Limit the number of t-shirts you keep in your closet and toss your old ones!


6. The low cut blouse that makes you feel uncomfortable. There are probably multiple items in your closet that are cute but don’t fit right. Whether it’s low cut, too tight or too loose, clothing shouldn’t make you feel self-conscious. Your clothes should make you feel beautiful!


7. The stained/holey/worn clothing. All socks and underwear with holes must go. All stained shirts that you love, but never wear because of its ‘one’ flaw must go. All worn + stretched out pants must go. You’ll feel great once you’ve gotten rid of those clothes that no one would wear. 


8. The mismatched sock. Give up on the idea of finding its other half, and just get rid of it. Similarly, comb through your earrings and throw out the ones without a pair. In fact, any piece of clothing that has a lost pair should most likely go. 


9. The twin clothing. If you’ve got more than one item of clothing that looks almost exactly alike, there’s no need for it. We’re all drawn to things that are familiar to us, and the same thing happens during a shopping spree. Too often we pick out clothes that look the exact same (or similar) to other items of clothes that we have! Do your best to avoid that, and get rid of the duplicates in your closet.


10. The never been worn. If you have items in your closet that still have the tags on it after months, then it’s time to get rid of it! If you’ve never worn/hardly worn certain clothes, then that’s a huge sign that it’s just taking up space.


It’s time to purge your closet! What’s the first to go?