folk Dec 03, 2020

One of the best things about the harvest season is all of the fun + easy decorations that you can make yourself. From pretty leaves to neutral colors, there are PLENTY of autumn decorations that are to die for. For some, walking into a Thanksgiving dinner, the smell of food is allllll that gets noticed. However, a well decorated table + house is ALMOST as good as the meal itself. There are tons of great DIY decorations out there, but we’ve rounded up the simplest, cheapest, and most beautiful DIY autumn decorations that we could find. Let us know what you decide to make!


1. Basket wreath

This is a creative + unique twist to a festive wreath! To make this, you need a round shallow basket, faux flowers, a hot glue gun, craft paint, a sharpie, and ribbon. Stencil a festive word like “thankful”, “grateful”, or “gather”, then glue the flowers on the bottom and hang up your new wreath with a ribbon!

2. Pumpkin book

It’s as easy as taking the cover off an old book! This is a kid-friendly activity. All you need is an old paperback book, orange paint, a stick, markers, and glue. Cut the book in the shape of a pumpkin, glue both sides together, and put a stick in the middle to make a pumpkin!

3. Burlap table runner

Super cute and festive! All you need is burlap (we think Walmart is a great place to find what you need!), a strip of pompoms, and glue. Glue the pompoms to each side of the burlap and you’ve made a cute + creative table runner.


4. Pine cone candle wreath

This is the perfect centerpiece for your pillar tables on your dining table. You can get creative with this decoration and make it unique. You will need a grapevine wreath, but you can use a variety of things like leaves, pine cones, or flowers. Use a hot glue gun to glue the objects to the grapevine wreath. We think that a variety of wreaths spices up a centerpiece!


5. Apple candleholders

This is one of the most simple DIY decorations you can make. Celebrate the harvest season by carving a hole in the middle of your apple and using it as a candle holder. This can easily add color to your table!

6. Handwritten menus

One of the most fun and cute ways to get everyone excited for a feast is by making menus for every place. Take a piece of card stock and write a short menu to place at each seat. 

7. Pumpkin place cards

This is a fun & cute idea for creating festive ways to assign seats. Get an artificial pumpkin and spray paint and decorate each pumpkin how you’d like for each place. Use craft paper or cardstock & write each name on it. Make a slit in the stem of the pumpkin and slide the name in. Get creative with each pumpkin and make it unique for you friends & family!


8. Gratitude tree

This is a more time intensive decoration, but it can add a lot of meaning + memories to your Thanksgiving. This tree is made out of sticks in a vase or jar filled with rocks or assorted nuts. Get wooden chalkboard signs so that guests can write what they are thankful for and hand it on the tree. Put this in a place where people can see it so everyone can share in gratitude. 


9. Give thanks banner

All you need to create this, is cardstock, a printer, and some string! Print out each capitol letter individually and cut it out of the paper. You can attach the letters to the string with glue, tape, or by weaving the string through the letters. Add some leaves or flowers to the ends to beautify it. Make this the centerpiece of the room!


10. Gratitude printable signs

Grab a few frames, take out the pictures, and print out your own Thanksgiving signs. This is a super easy and cheap way to create a special decoration.

11. Kraft paper table cloth

This is a must if you’re going to have kids at Thanksgiving. Make your “kids” table into a play area, too, but using kraft paper as a tablecloth. Put markers, crayons, and colored pencils on the middle of the table so that kids can play while waiting for food.


12. Chalk painted pumpkins

This is a fun + kid friendly activity. Create your own chalk paint, find some decorative pumpkins at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and paint away!


How are you decorating for Thanksgiving? Share this with a friend who needs some inspo (especially if she’s hosting her own Thanksgiving!)