favor Nov 24, 2020

Winter can be a pretty bland time of the year; but, that doesn’t mean your house has to look the part. There are tons of fun, modern, cute, & easy ways to decorate your house for the season. Create decorations using natural foliage like holly branches, berries, pine boughs or cones, poinsettias, or ivy. Use timeless pieces that you already own like gold candlesticks or pine scented candles. There are tons of fun ways to make your house look wintery + unique. Find our favorite ideas below and let us know what you think!

1. Cranberries in a mason jar

All you need is distilled water, mason jars, cranberries, and pine branches. The cranberries will float on top and the branches will lie flat on the bottom. You can also choose to place an LED or real tea light to float on top to create a mystical look. 


2. Starburst twig wreath

This decoration will give your doorway the rustic + wintery look that everyone loves. Collect a pile of leaves, break them down into similar lengths, cut out cardboard and wrap twine around it, and finally use hot glue and stick the branches on.


3. Winter potpourri 

To make the house smell good, try making a wintery, stovetop potpourri. Mix ingredients like cranberries, oranges, cloves, pine, and cinnamon sticks together. Simmer on the stovetop to make the whole house smell good!


4. Candle pillars made from cinnamon sticks

Have some plain old white candles lying around? Make them smell delicious and look cute by tying cinnamon sticks around the candle with a piece of twine! 


5. Mason jar light

Light up your porch, kitchen, or bathroom with these cute & rustic mason jar lights. All you need is burlap, mason jars, and white lights. These can hang from the wall or ceiling to add an extra warm glow of lighting.


6. Popsicle stick snowflakes

These oversized snowflakes can make great winter wall art. Once you are done, spray paint the snowflake any color you’d like (we personally like silver or gold!). To make this, all you need is paint, a hot glue gun, and popsicle sticks.


7. Sweater sleeve your candle

Instead of throwing out your old sweater, cut off part of the sleeve and decorate your candle, mug, or vase with your old sweater. 


8. Salt filled glass vases

Fill a glass vase with salt and put bare sticks, cranberries, or pine cones in them. The salt makes it look like there is snow in the vases!


9. Bleached tablescape

For a frosted wintertime look, bleach a variety of things like acorns, sticks, and pine cones for your tablescape. Fill them in jars or scatter them around the table or on a mantlepiece. 


10. Song canvas

Grab a blank canvas at the store and stencil on a festive/wintery song of your choosing. Mix & match any color of your choice like gold, silver, white, or green. 


11. Himmeli ornaments 

These beautiful, Finnish decorations will add unique texture to your home. All you need is straw and string. The fun thing about this decor is that this project can be as short or extensive as you would like.  


12. Wine glasses as votive candle holders

Use what you already have and tip wine glasses upside-down to create a handmade votive. Put ornaments, cranberries, or pine cones underneath to add to the decor. Simply use a tea light candle to create a wintery effect at any diner party!


13. Perforated Christmas tree

This decoration is simple, modern, and beautiful. Essentially, you will poke holes in paper-mache cones and paint the trees white. Place LED tea lights inside and, viola!, it will create the perfect wintery whimsical atmosphere. 


How do you decorate the house for winter? Share your ideas so we can add to our list. <3