favor finance Oct 20, 2020

You have the power to affect real change with your purchase - so why not? We love brands that have made philanthropy a priority, rather than simply profits. We’ve found that brands driven by purpose not only have a greater impact on the world but are also far more worthy of our spending! Check out some of the top philanthropic brands you can support guilt-free, below. 


1. Chewy: For pet parents who want to shop online for all of their pet’s needs, Chewy is a fantastic option for online pet supplies. For each purchase you make, Chewy donates some of its pet food and supplies to animal shelters through their Rescue + Shelter Network of non-profit partners. Right now, Chewy is donating $20 to Shelter Friends for every new customer purchase.  


2. Toms: Toms was an early adopter of the One for One model of giving back, donating a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. Their giving model has since evolved--they now donate $1 for every $3 they earn from product purchases. Some of these funds are still used to donate shoes, while the rest is distributed to humanitarian organizations through their Global Giving Fund


3. Sackcloth & Ashes: Ready to add a touch of flair to your bedroom set? As the season changes, consider a beautifully crafted blanket from Sackcloth & Ashes. For each blanket you purchase, they’ll donate a blanket to a homeless shelter in your community (based on your shipping address). Their campaign, Blanket the United States, has a goal of donating one million blankets to homeless shelters by 2024. 


4. Warby Parker: This eyeglasses company believes that vision should be accessible for all, which is why they started their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair Program, which allows them to distribute glasses through their partners around the globe. While COVID-19 has limited their ability to distribute glasses to communities safely, they look forward to resuming the distribution program and have currently evolved their partnerships to instead distribute safety equipment to frontline health workers


5. REI: REI is the go-to for outdoor adventure gear. However, their passion for the outdoors doesn’t end with the sale of their products! Each year, they channel funds into public land and stewardship projects. For example, in 2019 REI distributed almost $8.1 million to 427 organizations working to create and protect outdoor access and connect people to nature. 


6. Thrive Causemetics: While you beautify, Thrive Causemetics gives back on your behalf, as they have committed to donating their products (or their proceeds) to causes that help women “thrive” with every purchase. The causes they have identified include fighting cancer, surviving domestic abuse, emerging from homelessness, and adjusting to life after military service. 


7. (RED): From Beats portable speakers to Apple watches, RED products are unique versions of products by your favorite brands, with a portion of the proceeds from those products being donated to the Fund for the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Historically, this fund has been used for prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing, and care services. 


8. OneGrid Candle: Smell good, do good with the purchase of OneGrid Candles. With every candle sold, a solar light is delivered to people in rural Africa who would otherwise be using a dangerous kerosene lamp. Fumes from such lamps are the toxic equivalent to smoking 170 cigarettes a year, so the OneGrid candle allows your purchase to be a win for you and a win for those in need!


9. WeWOOD: WeWood sells stunningly unique wooden watches. But, knowing where its products come from, a tree is planted for each purchase of a WeWOOD product. Their reforestation goal is to plant one million trees around the world. 


10. S’well: Single-use plastic water bottles aren’t good for you or the environment, so it’s important you find a style of water bottle that suits you--so you can carry it along on the daily. That being said, in the world of reusable water bottles, S’well’s styles stand out because they have committed over $1 million to UNICEF’s work to provide safe water, sanitation, and hygiene to vulnerable communities around the world. So sip in style and contribute to a good cause when you purchase one of their products!


11. FEED: You may be already familiar with FEED from our blog introducing its founder, Lauren Bush Lauren, alongside other female philanthropists we admire! FEED’s bags and accessories are each associated with a number that represents the number of meals that will be donated with that particular item’s purchase. The nutritious meals are distributed to children in 63 countries around the globe. 


12. Uncommon Goods: Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace for all kinds of goods, with their selection of unique gifts being especially useful for the upcoming holiday season. Even better, when you purchase a gift from Uncommon Goods, you’re contributing $1 to a Better to Give partner of your choice! Support a cause you care about whenever you make an Uncommon Goods purchase.


13. PuraVida: PuraVida’s woven, braided, and beaded bracelets make it easy to accentuate your style with a combination of color and style options to choose from to fit your personality. But the best part about these bracelets is that some of the bracelet styles belong to the Charity Collection, where the bracelet represents a particular cause that the sale gives back to--like the Mental Health Awareness bracelet. Purchase one of their products and show your solidarity to a cause while giving back!


14. Love Your Melon: As cooler temps are quickly approaching, Love Your Melon hats, blankets, and accessories prioritize both fashion and functionality. At the end of each year, 50% of their net profits are given to nonprofit partners that are invested in the fight against pediatric cancer. 

15. Kendra Scott: From beautiful bracelets to intricate charms, the jewelry you buy from Kendra Scott gives back to causes supporting the betterment of women and children. The initiatives they prioritize include health and wellness, education and entrepreneurship, and empowerment programs. To better understand their model of giving back, tune into the SheCares Wellness Summit for a workshop and interview led by their Head of Philanthropy, Sheena Wilde.