flame Dec 02, 2020

Who’s up for a Notebook-esque summertime romance? There’s something about sweet summertime that just makes you want to make fun, unique memories, and think outside of the box. After a long winter, we think that the dating grind of dinner and a movie sounds dull and repetitive.

In the name of beautiful summer adventures, we’ve decided to give you our favorite creative ideas for the best summer dates. Since everyone lives in different areas, make sure to read the descriptions to give you ideas to add creative twists to your date!

1) Outdoor music

Wherever you live, outdoor music is everywhere in the summer. Look at your area parks on the weekends… oftentimes musicians will play for free at city parks. Ever heard of SoFar Sounds? For $15-18 (depending on where you live), you can sign up for an intimate concert at a secret location. In the summertime, it’s not uncommon for them to have gigs on rooftops.

2) First Fridays

Most cities and small towns have first Fridays where every first Friday of the month, they have something free & fun, like carnivals, fireworks, and outdoor movie, or music. Usually businesses get involved and give discounts on food and drinks.

3) Outdoor movie night

Speaking of outdoor movies, there are lots of romantic ways to watch a movie in the summer. Set up a projector (some libraries let you check these out for free!) on the side of your house, set up a hammock or comfy blankets, and snuggle up! You can also try different locations like a pool or a roof.

4) Take the train on a weekend getaway

Ever seen 500 Days of Summer? Try a Summer-like getaway and buy a ticket to the first train out of the station. Enjoy the countryside with your boo, and explore a new area over the weekend together.

5) Relive childhood

Summertime memories as a little kid is idyllic perfection. Relive your summertime days together by packing a lunch and going to a splash pad or park. You can offer to babysit for a friend and even see how he does with kids!

6) Camping

Even if you’re just camping a mile down the road, getting outdoors in a tent always feels like a discharge and a time to focus on each other.

7) Baseball game

What is more summertime/American than a couple of baseball tickets, beers, and a hot dog? Even if your city doesn’t have major league, most have minor league games promising the full summertime experience. Make sure to check out the games to see if they have any additional fun events like fireworks!

8) Humane society/animal shelter

Love animals? Visit the humane society and animal shelter! Most places have large cat rooms to pet to your heart's content. With dogs, they let volunteers walk and play with their puppies!

9) Vineyards

Vineyards don’t just offer great wine (and cheese!), but also has great views and relaxing places to picnic. Spend the afternoon enjoying each other's company with a glass of wine and good conversation.

10) Star gazing

Make it unique. If you have a truck, fill the bed with blankets, go on exploratory drive, and park in a new place and bring a bottle of champagne.

11) Go boating

Kayaks, paddle boards, speed boats, or pontoons… you choose. Look up places near you that rent out boats and spend a day on the water with your love.

12) Ride your bike somewhere cool

Take a bike ride, but go somewhere cool and different! The best bike rides have a destination. Try an art gallery, farmers market, ice cream shop, or local farm (for a tour!).

13) Sign up/train for a road race

Signing up for a race can give you lots of little dates to train with each other. Do something challenging with each other and be encouraging. A lot of summer road races have fun events afterwards as well!

14) Start a new project

Learn something new together! Build a porch, paint a room, make a terrarium, or make a cute decoration.

15) Geocaching

Ever heard of geocaching? Download the app and try it out! Geocaching is a great way to explore a new area or even the same area you’ve seen a hundred times! If you’re looking for an adventure, geocaching is a great way to go.


What are your tips and tricks to a unique date night? Share the love and comment below!