favor Nov 24, 2020

‘Tis the season of Holiday parties. From friends, to neighbors, to family, to work, does it seem like everyone you know throws a party? This season can be both fun & stressful with everyone trying to make it the best Christmas yet. Oftentimes your work parties can go overlooked because you’re focusing so much on just keeping your head above water. However, it’s still important to impress your coworkers with all your yummy baking skills. From candies, to cookies, to sweet breads, there are plenty of great recipes to make! We’ve made it easy for you and have found the best 18 recipes for Christmas.


1. Buckeyes: Yummy peanut butter balls covered in delicious dark chocolate… these buckeyes are to DIE for. Bring these into work and become the favorite!

2. Peppermint bark: White chocolate, dark chocolate, and crushed peppermint?? YES PLEASE. This easy recipe is a perfect way to get festive for the season.

3. Blueberry lemon glazed bread: If you’re looking for something *slightly* healthier (aka slightly less oil and sugar than usual) and have the option to make it dairy free (switch out regular milk for a substitute of your choice!) then this is the perfect recipe for you. Fresh lemons & blueberries? You’ll be sure to impress everyone.

4. Frosted eggnog bread: Skip the cookies & make this delicious bread. This sweet bread is full of Christmas flavors!

5. Red velvet crinkle cookies: These soft & gooey cookies taste almost like brownies! All you need to do is sprinkle powdered sugar over them when you’re done for a wintery look.

6. Peppermint brownie truffles: These rich, decadent truffles will be the talk of the town. All you need to do is make packaged brownies, roll them + frosting into balls, and douse them in melted chocolate to harden.

7. White chocolate chip cranberry cookies: This recipe essentially takes the chocolate chip classic and turns it into Christmas!

8. Pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark: This chocolate bark will look like a Christmas masterpiece! The red & green coloring both taste AND look great. 

9. Cranberry orange bread: Sweet & tangy, this bread is perfect to go on the side with any dish. 

10. Peppermint cream patties: Skip the packaged peppermint patties and make your own! Have some fun with these and make snowmen or pretty designs on these.

11. Candy cane sugar cookies: These delicious cookies come with a buttery frosting topped with crushed candy canes. 

12. Christmas fudge: What are the holidays without a little fudge? This recipe is so easy you can’t mess it up! 

13. Gingerbread thumbprint cookies: This recipe takes the holiday favorite gingerbread cookie and adds a delicious center of white chocolate filling and a white chocolate glaze. 

14. Cranberry bliss bread: This Starbucks copycat is spot on! This rich & buttery cake-like bread will make you the most popular girl at your work party. 

15. Coconut snowman cookies: These cookies are a fun & unique Christmas cookie without a lot of extra work. This is a delicious buttery cookie with buttercream frosting and coconut that looks exactly like Frosty!

16. Sweet potato cinnamon breakfast bread: This is a great vegan bread for people with food allergies & special diets. Though it only has a minimal amount of added sugar, this bread is still sweet & delicious.

17. Double chocolate peppermint cookies: Dark chocolate. White chocolate. Peppermint candy. This cookie has it all! Chewy, soft, and oh so delicious.

18. Eggnog cookies: Nutmeg, cinnamon, rum extract, and eggnog… this cookie has the perfect flavors to match the season. Also, the buttery frosting is exquisite!


What goodie(s) are you going to make for your coworkers this season? Share this with a friend you love to bake with. <3