favor Nov 24, 2020

The New Year is a great time to reflect + look back on the last year. Each new year, most of us at least think about how we would like the next year to look. While studies show that only about 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolution, we often, at the very least, continue taking small steps to becoming a better you. If you’re not big into New Year’s resolutions, and if you are, it’s a good practice to set aside some time and think about how the past year has gone. It’s always good to be able to gain some perspective by reflecting on the ups & downs of a year. So, before the new year begins, or even after it begins, take some time to journal & reflect on the past year + what you want your new year to look like.


1. What were you most proud of this year?

2. What word do you want to reflect your 2020 year?Examples include: courage, strength, wisdom, kindness, purposeful, or happy.

3. How can you make a difference this year?

4. How has your perspective towards your career or field of study changed or evolved this year?

5. In what ways can I grow, learn, & stretch outside of my comfort zone in ways that I didn’t last year?

6. What new habits do I want to commit to & create to build a happier, healthier, and more balanced life?

7. What is currently holding me back from reaching my biggest goals, and what do I need to do to become free of those things?

8. If you could accomplish one big thing in 2020, what would it be?

Now is the time to dream big. 

9. What is one thing that you’d like to change about yourself?

10. What habits do you need to work on?

These can include both good habits you would like to implement or bad habits you’d like to drop.

11. What are 10 indisputable facts of you of what you did & contributed this year?

Learn to speak powerfully about the things that you’ve done + accomplished & be proud of where you are.

12. In what areas have you doubted yourself? Were your doubts justified? If they were unjustified, how can you feel confident in those areas?

13. What do you need to do more of?

What have you been avoiding? What are areas in your life that you should be spending more time in? Think: relationships, health, spirituality, hobbies, or giving back.

14. What did you do too much of this last year?

Social media? TV? Work? Excess of anything can take you away from other important things. Work on taking a more balanced approach this year.

15. Are you surrounded by the right squad?

As you enter into a new year, decide to be a part of relationships that are enabling you to become a better you.

16. What progress were you able to make toward your goals this year?

17. What are the biggest lessons you learned this year and how have they impacted you?

Think about how you act, think, speak. What did you gain from your life challenges & accomplishments?

18. How successful were you at networking with the right people to help you meet your goals?

Make a list of people you were able to network with. Make an effort to expand your network this year and keep in touch with the people already in your network.

19. What things have slowed down your progress in the last year?

Think through your relationships, mind, body, circumstances, education or employment, or the habits you have in place.

20. What makes you cringe when you look back on the last year? 

Think in terms of professionally, emotionally, financially, and mentally.


Cheers to make 2020 the best year yet! If you want to get motivated for the new year, share this with a buddy who will inspire you to make changes.