future Mar 25, 2020

Guest Blog: Hannah Oreskovich



Do you work from home? Just started or want to spice up your current setup? Here are 5 tips to help you get organized and feel good about your work from home space:


1. The most important piece of your home office space, whether it’s a makeshift temporary spot or something you plan to use for awhile, is that it’s comfortable! For me, that means having sit and stand options: an ergonomic chair for sitting and a laptop stand + a fatigue mat for standing. I like to mix up my positioning for a workday: I spend part of the day sitting and part standing. This can help with back, neck, and hip problems… and sometimes it just feels good to move and help you reset for new tasks!


2. The next piece to consider: your tech! Do you need a dual monitor setup? Just a laptop? Would a wireless keyboard and mouse help you be more ergonomic? Do you need speakers, a microphone, wireless headphones or any other tech to be productive and optimize your workflow? Set up your workspace so that it works for you: have what you need out, store what you don’t use regularly close by, and focus on a setup that’s organized to make your life easy! 


3. Let’s talk about light! Gone are the days you’re forced to be in a fluorescent cubicle- welcome to working from home! Light can make a big difference in mood, so plan yours with what will help you stay productive. I set up my space near a window so that I have natural light all day. I use floor lamps and a glitter lava lamp (yes!) when it gets dark to keep my space warm. A couple of candles are also a good addition, and who doesn’t love some aromatherapy while cranking on a project?


4. Another important piece of creating your home work space is making it professional. This looks different for different people. For me, it means eliminating distractions for me and anyone I might connect with during the day. I never work with a television on, I have my space in a room where I can close the door to have privacy and eliminate outside noise, and I always make sure there’s nothing distracting behind me if I need to take video calls. Close closet doors, hang a curtain, tapestry or artwork behind you, or even consider using a separate home space for video calls if that is what makes the most sense for you. 


5. And finally: accessorize! What other items do you like to have around to help you stay productive while also having a little fun? There’s no shame in a solid jelly pen collection, a fidget spinner, some bomb neon post-its, a wall calendar, a white board, a plant friend, or whatever else you need to make your space FUNctional. Add some personal touches to keep the vibe light and help you stay motivated!


I hope these tips help you set up your work from home space so that it works for you!