freedom Dec 07, 2020

Remembering why Labor Day was born, helps us appreciate how far America has come. In the late 19th century, during the height of the Industrial Revolution, the average American worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to earn a basic living. Workers, particularly immigrants and poor laborers were working in extremely unsafe conditions. Because of the poor conditions, many workers organized unions and strikes. The government came up with the idea of a “workers holiday”, and Labor Day was born. 

Babes, how cool is it to look back on history and see how far we’ve progressed!? Americans now have more leisure, get paid higher, and have better working conditions than any other time in history. Labor Day can remind us of how lucky we are and give us the courage to keep fighting for the rights of an individual. Since we’ve been given this day of leisure (& also a lot of extra hours of leisure throughout our year) we want to make sure you’re celebrating Labor Day right. Check out our list below to find our best advice.

1. Enjoy the outdoors

It’s a sad reality that Labor Day marks the end of summer… and with the end of summer comes the end of a lot of outdoor activities (but the beginning of fall fun!!). To cherish the last few weekends of 80 degrees and sunny, spend your weekend doing your favorite outdoor activity. Camping with your friends, kayaking with your boo, a solo fishing trip, or boating with the fam, are all great ways to end our last days of summer and bring in the new season of fluffy sweaters & spicy drinks.

2. Host a neighborhood BBQ

If you live in a neighborhood, or have a lot of cool neighbors, hosting a neighborhood BBQ is a great way to relax & have fun. Have people byom and byob (bring your own meat & beer) and provide the sides. Scrounge up some outdoor games like cornhole, kan jam, and spike ball and create a tournament for people to play in. You know the best thing about hosting a BBQ with people you live around? You’re creating a vibrant community right where you live. 

3. Go to a baseball game

What says American summer the way a baseball game does? Soak in the last of summer with a hotdog in hand, a beer in the other, and the good ol’ American pastime in front of you. Grab your partner or your bestie, and get the best seats in the house! Often times, baseball games on Labor Day weekend have special celebrations like fireworks at the end. 

4. Have a bonfire

There’s nothing like staring into a fire and having some high quality conversation with a big group of friends. Whether you’re still in high school, or in your 30s, bonfires are something everyone enjoys. Find a private or secluded place and roast hot dogs and marshmallows with your closest friends. And… if you’re extra adventurous, grab a projector & white sheet, and play a movie in front of your fire!

5. Attend a Labor Day Parade

If you have kids (or you still are a kid at heart), parade’s are a great way to go. Look up if and when there will be a parade in your city and enjoy yourself at this *free* event. If a parade isn’t your thing, no worries! Most towns and cities have numerous Labor Day events like music & art festivals, outdoor movies, and lots more all throughout the weekend. Whatever event it is you do, events get you in the spirit of things and helps you truly live in the moment & enjoy your time.

But most importantly, whether you live it up on the last day of summer or not, spend time with people you love. Because the older you get, the less frequently you’ll see your family and friends. Cherish your time with them, and if you do nothing but sit at home, be intentional to create memories and bonds with each other that will last a lifetime.

What do you love most about Labor Day?