future Mar 10, 2020

Whether it’s a Sunday night or just a regular weekday, facing the next day can sometimes feel super daunting. Some of the most successful people today have a standard routine.

Usually we go through the days making decisions on top of decisions. By the end of the day, you’re so drained, you can barely pick which TV show to watch. To prevent decision fatigue, we recommend creating some standard nighttime and morning routines so you do not need to make as many decisions once you get to work.

Waking up a little earlier and having some ‘you’ time can always brighten your day and keep you focused and excited for work. Some of the most successful people today have a standard mourning routine. Starting your day out on the wrong foot by waking up late and rushing out the door usually takes a while for you to catch up.

1) Make your bed

According to Admiral William McRaven, “If you make your bed every day, it will be the first task you accomplished that day. It will give you a sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another.” Making your bed gives you the feeling of control over your environment and helps you be more grounded. Start out your day making one right decision, and many more will follow.

2) Hydrate: tea or water

SORRY STARBUCKS, coffee does not hydrate you. Before you swing by to pick up your daily coffee on your way out the door, try to drink at least 1-2 liters of water. If you are NOT a water person, try putting lime or lemon juice in your water. Drinking green or black tea will also give you flavor and a caffeine boost.

3) Movement or exercise 10-70 min

Depending on if you already have a morning routine and are already working out, you can build your way up to a full-blown workout. If you are NOT a morning person (AKA snoozer), the easiest thing to do is immediately get outside and go for a walk. Walking 10 minutes helps you wake up, activates your body, and gets the blood flowing. You can also try yoga, stretching, or light corework.  

4) Daily mindfulness

Habits like meditation or praying are known to decrease emotional reactivity throughout the day, help ground you to prioritize things of importance, and enables you to proactively create your day rather than constantly feeling helpless when facing obstacles or challenges.

5) Five minute journal

Spending 5 minutes every morning journaling means that you do NOT need to become a writing connoisseur and journal pages upon pages. Some of the most successful people focus on 3 simple things:

  1. Write down things you are grateful for.

  2. Daily affirmations… what are some positive things about you?

  3. Write down what would make today great.

6) Healthy breakfast

Streamline your breakfast decisions and stick with only a few different, simple breakfasts every day. You want a breakfast that is high in fiber, whole grains, lean protein, and calcium. This could literally look like a bowl of bran flakes cereal and blueberries to start your day. Other options can include Greek yogurt with granola and fruit or toast with a fried egg and a glass of milk.

The more constraints you give yourself and the more strictly you follow the routine, the more it enables you to go on autopilot and reap the benefits of the routine. If you currently aren’t doing anything on the list, this can seem daunting. Just try getting up a half hour earlier and doing one or two things on the list. Slowly incorporate more as you get used to waking up early. You will have to use self-discipline, but you will feel better every morning you stick with your routine. Also, try to even stick with your routine on the weekends.

Lastly… for a little night time routine to make your days better:

-Set your clothes out
-Pack your lunch
-Get your bag ready

If you’re loving the whole ‘morning routine thing’ check out “Tools of the Titans” by Tim Ferriss. He interviews some of the most successful actors, artists, business owners, athletes and more and asks all of them what their morning routine is.

Let us know what your favorite morning routines are in the comments below!