faith Nov 17, 2020

If you’re a GenXer or Millennial, anxiety and stress unfortunately may not be a stranger to you. There are plenty of reports that show that the GenX and Millennial generations are some of the most anxious groups in the workforce. Over half of these 20-somethings report feeling anxious in the workplace. We know that, realistically, this stress can carry over into everyday life. Stress is a many-headed beast and if you struggle with this, we’ve put together a few simple ways that will help you deal with it.

*Please note that we are not medical professionals. These tips are our own, and ones we have found helpful for dealing with stress or anxiety.


  1. Meet the source of your stress head on.

    Your stress could be over a paper due in a few weeks, conflict with a loved one, or not knowing your future. We often tend to try and avoid thinking about the cause of our anxiety, but that usually makes it worse! One of the best ways to push through is to meet the source of your stress head on and do your best to fix the issue.


  2. Find a verbal outlet for your stress.

    That could be through journaling or talking to someone you trust. Regardless, stress loves to hide & grow in the dark. The more you allow only your thoughts to speak to you, the bigger the problem will seem to be. If you don’t have someone that you trust, journaling is a great way to go. You know why a verbal outlet is so great? You can only think about one thing at once! It focuses your thoughts and helps you get to the root of the issue.


  3. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

    When you get your body moving and the endorphins rolling, it can be amazing how your stress & worries don’t weigh you down quite so much. Working out can help you feel accomplished, clear your head, and the best part is, it’s hard to think too much!


  4. Control what you can control.

    Staying physically healthy in general can really help things. You may not be able to control circumstances in your life (& therefore your mental and emotional health), but your physical health is one thing you can typically control. That means eating right, moving your body, and going to bed early. It can be hard to force yourself to have discipline when you are wrought with stress, but even going through the motions can do wonders.


  5. Return to the things that make you feel alive.

    That could be adult coloring books, calligraphy, writing stories, reading, being in nature, and any number of things! The things that make you feel alive can have a calming & numbing effect. Remember, try your best to do the things that are positive and make you feel good. A bottle of wine is a great relaxor in the moment, but generally can add to your stress or anxiety in the long run.


  6. Be okay with not being okay.

    When someone asks you how you’re doing today, you always answer “good”, right!? We typically don’t like to admit that we’re struggling. But, at the end of the day, you have to be okay with feeling like crap. It’s not always about trying to fake it until you make it… 


How do you deal with struggling with anxiety or stress? What tips do you have for your girlfriends who are going through a rough time right now?