folk Dec 03, 2020

It happens. You’ve played together since you left the womb, whispered about your first crush with each other, got in trouble for talking in class, and giggled over late night sleepovers. But, it happens. Life swoops in and college or adulting (or both!) happens and all of a sudden, your partner in crime is no longer by your side. So does that mean your friendship is over? Just because you’re far away, doesn’t mean your friendship has to be in jeopardy. Sometimes, distance can be exactly what your friendship needs, and the challenges of long distance actually makes you stronger! However, staying connected can be difficult to navigate. Thanks to technology + being intentional, there are plenty of ways to stay besties no matter where you are!


1. Utilize phone apps

Marco polo: this is a great app if you like to FaceTime, but operate off of different schedules. Marco Polo is basically sending longer videos of yourself to other people. It’s nice because you can reply in your own time, and you can also see the person you’re talking to.


Vox: Vox: this app is essentially like leaving *sometimes long* voicemails to each other. You can send a short, 5 second “I love you”; or, a 15 minute rundown of your day at work. 


Snapchat: we know snapchat has a reputation, but sending snaps to your bestie throughout your day can not only show them that you’re thinking of them but also help make them feel connected to you. Sending snaps connects you and shows them that they’re still a part of your life.


2. Care package

Care packages aren’t just for college moms who miss their sons + daughters. Getting packages in the mail is fun and makes you feel truly loved and cherished. Care packages are a great way to show your bestie how much you care about them. Throw together some baked goodies, reminders of the good ‘ol days, and practical gifts.


3. Weekly calls

Weekly calls are a practical way to stay connected with your bestie. Don’t save your phone calls when you have big news or need to play catch up. Weekly calls will ensure that they can still know about the big and little details in your life. And for goodness sake, don’t let anything prevent you from keeping your phone date!


4. Start a tv show together

You probably became besties because you shared little loves together. Starting a tv show together will help give you something to talk about and remind you that you can still share little things together. If you had Bachelor or Bachelorette viewing parties when you were closeby, try filling out a fantasy bracket and competing. If you haven’t watched a classic like Friends or The Office, start your Netflix binges at the same time!


5. Meet in the middle

There’s no need not to see each other every once in a while, so plan trips where you can meet in the middle. To maintain an old, long distance relationship, it’s important to create new memories together. Find a good halfway place to meet up, or, if one of you live in a cool area, visit their place!


6. Become pen pals

The difference between a phone call and a letter is that letters are very thoughtful & intentional. Becoming pen pals is a great way to stay connected on a deeper level. Through a letter, you can express your biggest worries or share a hilarious joke. Plus, getting letters in the mail is always fun!


Have a bestie who’s living a lil’ too far away? Share this with her and figure out what new tradition to start!