future Jan 20, 2021

Hey all you goal-getters, are you ready for bigger and better things in your life--personally or professionally? Not only are we behind you 100%, we want to help you channel your passion and enthusiasm into real-life results!  The key to not just setting, but achieving, your goals, is to make those ideas as actionable and attainable as possible. Below, we’ve outlined the steps to success when it comes to your goal-setting so that you can spur some positive transformation in your life!


Believe in your power to achieve (we already do!), and let’s get started. 


Step 1: Know Your Goal

Goals can be big or small but set them with intention. If the end result is something you can get wholeheartedly excited about, your motivation to get there will be unwavering. On the other hand, if the stakes aren’t high enough, the less invested and committed you might be if you hit some roadblocks along the way. So when you’re thinking about something you want to turn into a goal, evaluate whether the results will have far-reaching positive effects on the priorities of your life. Those goals will bring you the biggest rewards. 


Step 2: Make it Concrete

It’s time to solidify that goal and make it as specific as possible. Give yourself some parameters --when do you need to accomplish it, and how will you know you’ve reached the results you’re looking for? Vague, generalized goals just don’t cut it, so speak about your goals in absolutes. Instead of saying, “I want to work on my resume,” frame it as, “I want to finish my resume by the end of this month.” Then, write it down. Transferring an idea from your head to paper will subconsciously make it feel more official. 


Step 3: Get Accountable

It may seem scary, but you need to share that goal, girl! Find a friend, or share it with the SheFactor community, whatever you’re comfortable with. Why? Because the more you put it out into the universe, the more accountable you’ll be. If we keep our goals to ourselves, the stakes just aren’t as high. So share away, and express why your goal(s) is so important to you for some added validation. Along the way, don’t be afraid to check in with your accountability partner (your SheFactor Seal Team is a great place to start) or ask them for feedback. Finally, you can be more accountable to yourself by posting up some reminders--on your fridge, on your phone, on the bathroom mirror, for whenever you need a little nudge.


Step 4: Break it Down

Don’t let your goals feel daunting--break them down into clear, easy-to-measure steps. Outlining the steps to your finish line will help you stay actionable while forcing you to be specific about the final goal as well. Plus, every step you accomplish is a victory in itself, so let those smaller victories spur along your progress. Try this sticky note hack to break it down by daily tasks!

Step 5: Start with Step 1

Not to be confused with step one, you need to make a plan for tackling your goal’s action plan. There’s a huge difference between KNOWING your goal and taking massive action to make it happen. We’re talking about short term execution--get that first step on your calendar, girl. Step one may feel like a huge hurdle, but it’s going to kick off your goal’s momentum. Create a sense of urgency around this first step, and don’t delay. There’s no time like the present!


Step 6: Plan for Pivots

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that things do not go according to plan! Don’t get knocked down by any setbacks you might experience. Instead, sit in these moments and their discomfort for a minute, then pivot your plan. Analyze what went wrong so you can attack it from a different angle. Or be proactive and plan your pivots! What will happen if you don’t accomplish this goal? Pivoting looks different for every person, so lean on what works for you: reach out for help or gather some motivational pins on Pinterest, whatever is going to help you take the moment you need to regroup. 


Step 7: Victory!

Congrats, girl... you made it! You crossed that finish line. Now, it’s time to celebrate. Big or small, every success deserves a celebration. With friends, or with yourself, reward your victories for some well-earned positive reinforcement. Surely, hitting any goals will fuel your desire to set some more. You’re on your way to becoming a goal-setting champ. YOU GOAL, GIRL!