favor finance Oct 19, 2020

We know your life is full of hustle and bustle, and it can be hard to set aside chunks of your change or your time to give back to your community. We get it, girl! However, have no fear -- there are plenty of everyday ways to incorporate giving back into your lifestyle. We’ve put together some inspirational ideas to help you give back and make an even greater difference in this world while you’re out there turning your dreams into a reality!


1. Volunteer Virtually

Given the current pandemic, you may not feel super comfortable getting out and volunteering in-person. Fortunately, there are plenty of virtual volunteer opportunities right at your fingertips - literally! From online tutoring to monitoring a crisis text line, volunteering opportunities have adapted to a virtual format, so you can participate from the safety of your home (even your bed). Dive into the world of virtual volunteer opportunities, organized by category, here


2. Shop with (Amazon) Smile

Amazon Smile is an Amazon program that, when you purchase from the website, allows a portion of your money to benefit a charity of your choice. So as you’re doing your usual online shopping with Amazon Smile, 0.5% of your purchase is donated to the charitable organization you choose when setting up your account. Just remember to do your shopping through smile.amazon.com instead of the normal Amazon site, and you’ll be set! Login credentials are the same for both platforms. 


3. Serve Up Your Special Skills 

When you share your talents with others, especially those who are less fortunate than you, it has the power to transform lives for the better, and it’s less likely to feel like work to you! So why not find a volunteer activity that leverages your skills and passions? Volunteer matching companies like Catchafire will pair you with skill-based volunteer opportunities. Win-win! 


4. The Gift of Life

Have you considered adding “Organ Donor” to your license? Although we hope to all lead long and happy lives, organ donation could save the life of someone in need if anything were to cut your life short. Should something happen to you, your organ donation could go on to save the lives of up to eight other people. In the meantime, you can also donate blood or plasma, invaluable resources in the medical field. Blood donation is a great option as your body will replenish what you donate, so you could even donate multiple times per year. Similarly, you may also donate plasma, a part of your blood that contains antibodies that can help those who are sick. It’s a slightly more involved process, however some plasma donation centers even have payment incentive programs for donors, and your gift can make the world of a difference to someone in need. 


5. Don’t Care for Long Hair? 

Ready to switch up your look? Maybe it’s time to chop off those long locks! When you’re considering a dramatic change to your look, hair donation is a potential way to give back in the process of your transformation. You can donate to different hair collection organizations yourself or through your hair salon. Most organizations require that you donate at least 8-10 inches of hair, so it’s long enough for them to make a hairpiece for individuals experiencing disease-related hair loss. 


6. The Power of the Written Word 

A handwritten letter can go a long way in elevating the lives of others! Whether you choose to send letters to the elderly, soldiers, or people in the hospital, your words can have a profound impact on the recipient. It only takes 10 minutes to write a thoughtful letter, but could brighten the day of someone who needs it! For a list of ideas of who to write to, visit the Write_On Campaign’s website


7. Adopt an Endangered Animal

Animal lovers, this one’s for you -- your donation can allow you to adopt an endangered species! It’s a metaphorical adoption, of course, but you can attach a tangible reward to your adoption when you purchase an adoption kit from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The World Wildlife Fund administers these symbolic species adoptions for those who purchase. First, you choose a species that speaks to you, and then you will choose an adoption type. When you donate money to the preservation of the wildlife, there are tiered donation options that allow you to opt for a gift package in return for your donation as well. 


8. Become a Monthly Member 

Are you a daily coffee consumer? Consider trading out one of your daily lattes for a small monthly donation to a charity you care about. Find a charity that has a mission you value, and then reach out to them about setting up a small, monthly recurring donation. No donation is too small to make a difference. Similarly, finance apps like RoundUp App will round up the cents on your daily purchases (after you connect your credit and debit cards) and at the end of the month will deposit the total of your spare change to a nonprofit you’ve selected during the app’s setup. 


Just remember that everything little thing counts when it comes to Favor. You don’t have to be a millionaire to change someone’s life! By simply using your talents, you can make a difference. What are some other ways you like to give back that don't include a large investment of time or money? Tell us in the comments!