folk Dec 02, 2020

You just realized that Halloween is around the corner, and you don’t want to be the only one without a costume… but you don’t have a lot of time! Just because you haven’t given it much time & thought, doesn’t mean that you have to be the most boring person at your Halloween party. There are tons of unique, simple, & hilarious costumes that you can make with the materials you already have at home! Check out our list below and tell us what you’re going to be. <3

1. Hippie

Return to a different time by dressing up as a hippie! There are a lot of ways to bring back the good ‘ol days, but we recommend a cute flower headband, big sunglasses, a 70s style top or vest, bell bottom jeans, and platform shoes. The best thing about a costume like this, is that you usually can find most things in your closet. 

2. Smarty Pants

It’s as easy as gluing smarties to a pair of jeans! If you want to go all out, dress “nerdy” on top with a collared shirt and glasses. But, this simple & easy costume can be paired with anything as long as you’ve got your smarties glued on tight.

3. Raining men

This costume is both hilarious & easy! All you need is to grab your raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella. Print out heartthrobs (at least two of each), grab fishing line, glue, & sewing materials. Glue fishing line to one head and glue the other head together. Stitch each length of the fishing line into the umbrella. If you’ll be outside, be sure to make the strings short so that they don’t get tangled! 

4. Queen of hearts

If you want to be the queen of the party, or look the best on the block, this is the perfect costume for you. Find your sexiest red dress, wrap a paper collar around your neck, and staple playing cards all around the collar. 

5. Sprinkle costume

Colorful, fun, and cute, this is the perfect Halloween party DIY costume! Find a favorite white or light colored dress and glue colored popsicle sticks to it. 

6. Life Gives You Lemons

Got a favorite yellow dress that you look super cute in? Throw it on (or anything yellow!) and carry a basket of lemons with you. Put on a name tag and write “Life” on it. This is always a crowd favorite because it’s so fun and unique.

7. Sheep 

We HIGHLY recommend staying upright, but if you really want to get into it, you can “baa” a little bit. Throw on a white shirt or dress and tape cotton balls to yourself. Make a little headband for the ears, or buy it on amazon!

8. Grapes 

Becoming a grape is easy & fun. Throw on a purple shirt, dress, or outfit and tape purple balloons to yourself. You’ll have the appearance of a bunch of grapes!

9. “Chip” on your shoulder

To make your chip, fold a giant yellow piece of paper in lines to give the appearance of  ruffled chip. Tape, sew, or glue it to a piece of clothing on your shoulder. This is a super low maintenance costume that’s easy to throw together last minute!


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