faith fuel she cares Nov 10, 2020

With the development of smartphone apps, improving our mental and physical health has never been so easy. From meditation to journaling prompts, these wellness apps can bring consistency to your routine by making it easy to commit to a practice regularly. Find out what apps you should be downloading, based on your wellness goals, below!

1. Headspace

Headspace guides users through daily meditation practices based on the time they have available and a selection of goals. Their hope is that consistent meditation, no matter its duration, will help its users lead a more mindful life with less stress and greater resilience. On the app, you’ll find hundreds of sessions available to help you clear your mind and address whatever’s derailing your progress, including sessions focused on stress, sleep, focus, anxiety, and more.

2. BetterHelp

Though more and more people are now advocating for mental health through therapy, finding a therapist isn’t always easily accessible or affordable. BetterHelp brings the therapy to you, by matching you with a therapist that you can meet with from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you may be, virtually. There’s greater flexibility with BetterHelp therapy because you can talk to or message your therapist whenever is most convenient for you and your schedule. If you aren’t happy with the counselor you’re matched with, you can easily switch at any time. 

3. DiveThru

Tried journaling, but can’t seem to stick with it? DiveThru is an app that will guide you through your journaling process, and help you sort through whatever’s weighing on your mind. From everyday stressors to monumental life moments, they’ve worked with mental health professionals to develop their journaling program so it can help you reflect. Write it out and begin to” DiveThru” it, with this app. 

4. Sleep Cycle

Sleep shouldn’t stress you out, but it will if you’re having trouble getting enough of it! The Sleep Cycle app tracks your sleep patterns, based on movement and sound analysis, to help you achieve a better night’s sleep. It will help you to improve your sleep quality by waking you up during your lightest sleep each morning, so you’re not interrupting your deepest sleep cycle (which can lead to some serious morning grogginess). Best sleep of your life, here you come!

5. Mindbody

If you’re trying to get out of a workout rut, MindBody is one of the best resources to help connect you with your local fitness and workout options. Whether you’re in a new city or your hometown, MindBody allows you to find workouts near you, keep track of your fitness goals, and book classes and appointments. From yoga to massage appointments, MindBody is the up-to-date directory of all your local health and wellness activities. They have even added virtual fitness classes to their app’s capabilities!

6. Streaks

Consistency is key to turning your to-do list into habits, and the Streaks app rewards you for your consistency. Whether you want to commit to daily flossing or consistently practice a foreign language, Streaks helps you work on your goals a little bit every day by providing you positive reinforcement for continuing your chain of progress. Ready to get started on developing better habits? Keep up the motivated streak with Streaks. 

7. Aqualert

What if wellness was as simple as consuming eight glasses of water a day? It could be...if remembering to drink eight glasses of water each day fits into your busy life! Staying hydrated may not feel like much, but doing so aids your brain functionality and energy levels--two essential components to tackling all of your other wellness endeavors. The Aqualert app will not only track your water intake, it will help you determine how much water you should personally be consuming and send you motivating reminders about how your water intake is helping your overall health. 

8. Moodfit

Moodfit helps you improve your mood by learning to understand why you feel that way first. Its tracking tools help you recognize the things and activities that influence your mood in a positive or negative way. Armed with this information, you can then use the app’s additional tools to shift your mood, as well as your mindset. Shape up your mental health by helping your mood stay fit with Moodfit. 

9. Daily Haloha

Daily Haloha deems itself “an app for empathy”, something we could all use more of! Get your day started with one of their fill-in-the-blank prompts and you’ll not only get your mind working each morning, but also start your day with a few moments of reflection. The empathy component comes in as responses are anonymously shared among the app’s community of users. Feel heard and hear others, in a judgment-free space that presents a powerful opportunity for connection.