folk Dec 03, 2020

Your love language is the way that you feel loved by other people. So, in family, friends, or romantic relationships, you may feel more or less loved depending on how they show their love to you. Knowing your love language is important because someone may be showing you their love, but you may not be receiving it. In relationships, everyone has different needs and feels loved in different ways. Knowing how you feel loved and knowing how others feel loved is important in healthy relationships. Check out below for some practical tips on how to show your folk you love them!


Words of Encouragement

If you are someone who feels love through words of encouragement, you tend to feel love or rejected based on the way someone talks to you. You feel loved when people speak to you with praise & appreciation. 


  • Write a letter - Writing a letter shows that you’ve put time & thought into the words that you say, and so those words carry much more weight. If someone you love is having a bad day or stressful week, and you know that they feel loved by words of encouragement, send them a letter and tell them that they will get through it!


  • Sticky notes - Writing sticky notes is a fun little way to show someone that you love them. If you live with your loved one, post sticky notes around the house. Even if you write generic things like “you’re  awesome” or “you can do it!”, your words will go a long way. If you don’t live with them, think about creative ways that you can put sticky notes: their lunchbox, computer, work bag, etc. 


  • Texts - A simple text can go a long ways. It may only take you a few seconds to write up an encouraging text, but it can stick with your loved one for a long time. 


  • Encouragement - This may be the most obvious one for someone who feels loved by words of encouragement, but remember that your words matter. Keep in mind that positive or negative, your words will have an effect on your loved one.


Quality Time

You feel most loved when someone is giving you their undivided time & attention. Spending time together is not only being around each other, but connecting on a deeper level. 


  • Fun activity - friends, family members, or partners who feel loved through quality time love creating memories together. Doing a fun activity together will be something he or she looks back on in the years following. This could be something as simple as a comedic board game, or it can be something as crazy as skydiving.


  • Walks - Something as simple & easy as a 15 minute walk will make your loved one feel connected to you. Whether at work, home, or just meeting up, he/she is guaranteed to feel loved!


  • Take a class - Learning something new can really speak to your loved one’s heart. Take a cooking class, photography class, or fitness class together. 


Physical Touch

There is emotional power in physical touch. But, for you, when a friend or loved one takes the initiative to reach out and embrace or touch you, you feel especially loved. 


  • Holding hands - Holding your significant other’s hand during ordinary moments like a trip to the grocery store or sitting on the couch is a great way to show your person that they’re loved.


  • Cuddling - Snuggling up can make your folk feel truly loved. So, next time you watch a movie or tv show, grab a blanket and start cuddling!


  • Hug - One great thing about a hug, is that it’s a way to connect with someone from a stranger to a partner. A hug can speak a thousand words, so show your folk that they are loved through a hug!


Gift Giving

Throughout human history, giving & receiving gifts has been a way to show love. If you’re love language is receiving gifts, then any gift, big or small, makes you feel seen, appreciated, and loved.  


  • Surprise them - A surprise gift like flowers, candles, or treats is a great way to let your loved one know that you care about them. 


  • Remember what they like - It doesn’t have to be a big & expensive gift for them to feel loved. Remembering the things they like can really make him or her feel extra special & cared for.


  • Keep an eye on what they need - If you notice that your loved one has a need for ordinary, everyday things (ex-- laptop bag, blanket, or new undershirt) get them what they need. Noticing what they need can really show that you care.


Acts of Service

Actions speak louder than words for you, and so you feel the most loved when people are serving you. 

  • Clean the house - Especially if you’re living with your family, friends, or partner, cleaning the house is the perfect way to show them that they’re loved. 


  • Make the bed - Whether you share the same bed or not, you know that the best way to get into bed at the end of the day is into a freshly made bed. If you live with or near your loved one, show them you love them by making their bed!


  • Washing their car - There’s nothing like showing your love then by cleaning something that isn’t yours. Your folk will really know you love them when they see their shiny & spotless car!


Share this with a friend, partner, or family member that you love and comment to let us know what your love language is!