fashion Nov 18, 2020

This month, we’re talking all about your personal brand: who you are, who you want the world to see you as, how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish. And this usually starts with your image. So how does one figure out what their personal brand is? Start with your Silhouette!


Good thing for you, we worked with boutique Kate & Audrey to give you a head start on the process. Andrea, the founder of the royally-inspired online boutique hand-picked an outfit for each Silhouette, putting together classic and timeless pieces to help you fully express yourself. 


Conqueror: White (completion) with floral designs (to show your softer, relaxed side).


This is my silhouette! I chose a delicate floral cardigan to articulate the softer side to Conquerors. We are often the people who are mistaken because we are so motivated and constantly trying to accomplish things. We can be direct in our communication, which can be misconstrued. The florals and spring colors incorporated in the Kate cardigan are a soft, delicate design, which alludes to the softer, relaxed side of a Conqueror. I’ve chosen a white blouse to go under the cardigan. White is such a great complementary color, bu it also represents completion, something Conquerors value as people always working towards a goal. I paired the cardigan and blouse with dark wash jeans and tan boots. Dark wash jeans bring a level of professionalism and elegance to any outfit. They are a wardrobe staple that can be styled and worn for multiple occasions and environments. The long gold necklace adds another neutral color to the outfit to balance the tan color of the boots. 


Director: Neutrals (adaptivity) but with flair, like ruffles or sparkles (boldness). 


Directors are adventurous and artistic. They are ready for anything and their clothing needs to accommodate that. Directors cannot be held back by their fashion. I’ve selected the Carole top because of its adaptivity. The Carole is a top that can be worn for multiple types of events. The Carole is made of soft material and has a fun, flowy sleeve that adds a bit of spunk to an otherwise basic wardrobe staple. Pair this with dark wash jeans for an elegant and professional spin. I’ve added a boot with a slight heel, great for everyday wear. The black stone necklace adds a pop of sparkle, while still being transitional for the busy, on-the-go Director. 


Storyteller: Black (sophisticated) with a fun geometric/plaid pattern (fun, light-hearted).


Storytellers are fun, light-hearted individuals and their fashion should showcase that. I’ve chosen the Penelope top because of it’s fun geometric/plaid pattern. Storytellers are often teachers or leaders. The crew neckline on the Penelope is flattering on all body types and is modest enough for a professional environment. Pair the Penelope with black skinny jeans for a sleek completed look. Black adds a level of sophistication and professionalism to an outfit. While the Penelope is a bold pattern, pairing it with black jeans or any solid color creates an instant professional look. Again, to play on the fun side of a Storyteller, I’ve added a beaded tassel earring. Earrings can be such a great tool to add a personal touch to an outfit. Pair this look with heels for the workday and booties or trendy sandals for an evening out. 


Guardian: White (peace/healing) paired with leopard cardigan (functionality). 


Guardians are caretakers, the ones who put others before themselves. I’ve chosen the Piccadilly cardigan because of its fun leopard and mustard pattern. The Piccadilly has 3/4 sleeves which keep the Piccadilly from getting in the way of a Guardian who is always moving, helping and assisting people. Because Guardians are usually doctors or nannies, there needs to be a functionality to their style. I’ve chosen a white sleeveless blouse to pair under the Piccadilly. This blouse has a flattering silhouette that allows the Guardian to look professional, but still functional for the demands of their job. White is also a color for peace, innocence, healing, all traits Guardians typically possess. The white color is another nod to the personality of a Guardian. Adding a black skinny jean adds a level of professionalism to a fun, leopard pattern. I added a subtle gold necklace with a black belt and black booties to complete this outfit. 


Dreamer: Navy (confidence/authority) with a gold accent accessory (elegance).


Dreamers are the business leaders, thinkers, and inspirational friends in your life who are constantly dreaming up ways to improve the world around them. Because Dreamers are business leaders they need a look that is professional, but still showcases their free spirit; while being transitional. I’ve chosen our Pippa dress because of its sleek A-line silhouette. The Pippa has an A-line silhouette but features an element of fun with the ruffle hem and sleeves. The Pippa is navy in color, which is the color of confidence, authority, power, all traits that a Dreamer needs for a tough day in the boardroom. I paired the Pippa with navy suede heels and gold jewelry. The Tudor studs incase the stone with rose gold crowns. What a perfect accessory for a business leader! I’ve added a long gold necklace with light pink stone detail - an elegant, yet subtle detail that adds so much to this outfit.


Queen: Black (serious) and cream (comfort) with sparkle (commanding presence). 


Queens are born leaders. They have a commanding presence which means they need a queen’s wardrobe! I’ve chosen the Olivia cardigan because of its clean, sleek design; but also because of the sparkle detailing within the stitching. Every Queen needs a little sparkle! You can style the Olivia with a variety of different blouses. I’ve chosen a black collared blouse with subtle Eiffel Tower detailing for a pop within the outfit. If you’d prefer a more monochromatic look, pair the Olivia with a cream blouse. The cream blouse shown here has a ruffle pleated detailing, adding texture to the outfit. Black slacks are a great addition to this. Queens are born leaders who are often in the board room. Black slacks are a wardrobe staple for every CEO. To finish the outfit, I’ve added black leather heels with gold detailing as well as a delicate gold diamond necklace. Black and Cream are the dominant color choices throughout this look. Cream is the color of relaxation/comfort. In a tough boardroom situation, the color cream brings balance. Black is described as powerful, bold, serious; all traits Queens have as driven, natural-born leaders.


Explorer: Monochromatic (simplicity) with jeans and Uggs (comfortability). 


Explorers are teachers, techies, people who need to focus on their tasks at hand and can’t be distracted by their fashion. I’ve chosen the Alice top because of its comfortability. Pair the Alice with jeans and Ugg boots for a day filled with coding or working with kids. The Alice top can be layered with a long sleeve basic for added warmth. This outfit is comfortable, yet professional. Versatile to go from a day of writing, teacher or coding to dinner with your spouse. I’ve paired this outfit with diamond stud earrings. The earrings add an element of glam and sophistication to this ensemble. 


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