fashion Nov 17, 2020

Guest blog: Sydney Hahn


Fashion is one of the best ways we use to express and present ourselves. Every day we are faced with the task of, “What am I going to put on my body today? What is that going to say to the world?” And although that sometimes includes mindlessly throwing on that big hoodie and your 4th pair of black leggings, every day is a statement in some way. 


Kind of intimidating, right? Maybe! But it can also be super exciting. Whether you’re shopping for a new iconic piece, or you’re re-wearing an old fave, let your winter style this January flaunt who you are with confidence! 


So where do you start?

Start with staying true to yourself. Personal fashion never feels right if you are wearing something just if everyone else has it. My number one favorite rule for my fashion choice is always what I feel most confident and comfortable in.


9 times out of 10, this starts with finding pieces that are the most flattering for my body type, or ones’ that have a statement about them (see my favorite hat choice below). Confession, it’s okay to be a copycat! I often like to see styles on other people before I try them out myself… but if you’re a fashionista, own your boldness, of course! 


Whether you’re a fierce trendsetter or a simple lowkey gal, here are some of my favorite winter looks that you can rock no matter your style. 


Teddy coats

Since last winter, I have become even more obsessed with teddy jackets: zipped, unzipped, cropped or baggy, these are the comfiest, cutest AND coziest jackets to bundle up with. You can find them virtually anywhere - I know a popular site for items like this is Zaful where they’re pretty affordable! You can dress some up for a night out, or snuggle up with one on the couch.



Another one of my favorite winter looks is all about hats! If you’re like me, you might be hesitant to add these to your wardrobe. But after moving to Missouri for college and enduring these icy, windy winters, I’ve learned to love them for their purpose and style. If you consider getting one yourself, look into Love Your Melon hats. They have beanie and pom pom styles, and donate 50% of their profits to giving kids hats that are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. They tend to be a little pricier because of this, but every time you wear it, you'll be making a statement and can be reminded of the little kid you helped. 


Skirts and tights

Don’t let your skirts go into hibernation! They can be easily worn with tights underneath, accompanied by some cute booties or other shoes. Urban Outfitters has a wide range of different styles from plain black sheer, to printed designs to simple sweater ones. Check out these fun star ones if you want to go big with it!


It’s all about you… 


Seriously, it is! Use your style in your own unique way. Stay true to yourself and embrace this winter by making that statement of showing the world who you are!