folk Dec 02, 2020

Now that the leaves are falling, your scarves, hats, and mittens are out of storage, and the nights are getting longer, the cold chill of winter is in the air again. As Autumn comes to an end, so do many of our favorite fall activities. There is much to do in Autumn that you can’t do any other time of the year, so we’ve created a list to help you make SURE that you don’t miss out on the best of all fall festivities. 

  • Scary movie marathon

Grab some popcorn, snacks, and wine; put on your pajamas and snuggle up in a blanket. Pick a cold, dreary Autumn weekend and cuddle up with a scary movie marathon. Some good movies include The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs, or The Ring. Find the rest of our top suggestions here.

  • Bonfire

With the warm weather coming to an end, bonfires are the perfect way to spend a cool evening. Invite your friends, roast some marshmallows, and have some good conversation around the warmth of the fire.

  • Beer festival

Oktoberfest isn’t only celebrated in Germany… most big cities have beer festivals almost every weekend. Warm up on a chilly weekend with a group of friends sipping on this classic beverage. 

  • Carving pumpkins

Invite a few friends over and carve your favorite designs in everyone’s favorite gourd! Decorate them on your front porch and put a candle in them to light your walkway. Find some great pumpkin carving ideas here.

  • DIY Autumn decor

There are tons of fun fall crafts and decorations, but here are some of our favorites: pumpkin carving, fall wreaths, couples halloween costume, or general house decor.

  • Get a new sweater

Update your wardrobe by purchasing a new sweater. Check out these trends if you want to just go ahead and update your entire wardrobe.

  • Weekend trip

Another way to celebrate the beauty of the changing leaves is to take a long drive or road trip north to see the colors. Get a group of girls together and have a little getaway weekend!

  • Journal your gratitude

Summer tends to go by in a whirl of friends, fun, festivals, food, and much more. Fall is a great time to reflect and be grateful about what you have in your life. Take the time journaling your gratitude by writing 3-10 things you are grateful for every day.

  • Stargazing

Our favorite stargazing locations: a roof, the bed of a truck, or the middle of a field. Cozy up with pillows & blankets and admire the stars. 

  • Make applesauce

Even if you can’t go apple picking this year, try something new with the favorite Fall fruit by making your own applesauce. Go crazy and you can even can some for the winter. Find a great recipe here

  • Make a homemade pumpkin spice latte

Skip your trip to Starbucks and make that pumpkin spice latte yourself! Check out our favorite recipe here.

  • Have a chili cook off

Show off your best chili recipe and enjoy what your friends have made, too! Chili cook offs are the best way to get free, delicious food & gives you new ideas for recipes as well!

  • Photoshoot

With the unique & beautiful colors that Autumn offers, Fall is the perfect time to plan a photo shoot. Grab a friend or find a professional photographer and update your instagram feed to match the season.

  • Try a dark shade of lipstick

Summer means bright & fun colors, and now that Fall has rolled around, it’s time to try out some new shades of lipsticks! Check out our favorite colors here.

  • Host a farm to table dinner

Fall is the season of harvest, so utilize the bounty and host a farm to table dinner. Find quality foods from local community gardens or the farmer’s market. If it’s warm enough out, create a nice meal out side and enjoy with a large group of friends.

  • Make your own Halloween costume

Instead of buying a costume this year, try making your own! We’ve created a list of 9 easy DIY Halloween costumes. Check it out here for ideas!


What have you done this Fall? Share this with a friend that you want to this with!