flame Dec 02, 2020

Just because the weather is cooling off, it doesn’t mean your love life can’t stay hot. Summer flings are fun, but autumn is the season to spice things up. Cozy sweaters, cooler weather, and beautiful colors… what’s that spell F-A-L-L! Fall means pumpkin spice, flannels, and apple cider, so enjoy (one of) the best seasons and go on the most grammable date you can think of. See our best ideas below, and let us know if we’re missing any. <3 


  • Corn maze

Corn mazes are one of the many staples to the fall season and a great way to spend an afternoon. Dress in your favorite flannel and make your way through the maze hand in hand with your love. Corn mazes often have other fall favorites like a petting zoo, pumpkins, hay rides, or cider. 


  • Haunted house

Whether you’re a scaredy cat, or a tough girl, haunted houses can be the perfect excuse to cuddle up in each others arms and see how well you’ll be protected from the creepy clowns. 


  • Scary movie

Obviously, scary movies are a must, especially around halloween. But, before the evenings get too cold, consider watching them outside! Set up a projector against your garage or wall, bring out a comfy chair, and cuddle up. Watching a scary movie outside can really intensify the experience.


  • Bonfire

With the warm weather coming to an end, bonfire’s are the perfect way to spend a cool evening. Invite your friends, roast some marshmallows, and have some good conversation around the light of the fire.


  • Apple orchard

Orchard’s are a way to get all things autumn at one place. Spend the day picking apples (maybe even pack a picnic!), get some seasonal donuts and cider back at the main shop, and plan to make apple crisp or pie. Check around your area to see if any of the orchards hold special events. 


  • Make donuts 

There’s no better way than to wake up on a Saturday morning and, still in your jammies, make a fresh batch of delicious smelling donuts. Turns out, they’re not as hard to make as they seem. Check out these seasonal donut recipes for your perfect morning in.


  • Oktoberfest

No, you don’t have to travel all the way to Germany to go to an Oktoberfest (though we’re not saying it’s a bad idea!). With autumn rolling in, there are tons of Oktoberfests in cities all around the country. Keep track of when your area is having one of these fall fests and and enjoy some good beers and fun times with your babe!


  • Fall decorations

There are tons of fall crafts and decorations you can do with your significant other, but here are some of our favorites: pumpkin carving, fall wreaths, couples halloween costume, or general house decor.


  • Go to a football game

It’s football season! Get your team’s sports gear, grab some tickets, and cheer on your favorite team. If you’re a sporty couple, football games are the way to go.


  • Photography expedition 

With the unique & beautiful colors that autumn offers, fall is the perfect time to plan a photo shoot. Grab a friend or find a professional photographer and update your instagram feed to match the season.


  • Go on a long drive

Another way to celebrate the beauty of the changing leaves is to take a long drive or road trip north to see the colors. 


  • Stargaze in a truck

Cozy up the bed of a truck with pillows & blankets, drive to a rural area, and admire the stars. Read or tell ghost stories so you can snuggle up real close. 


What are your favorite fall dates or festivities? Tell us in the comments below!