fashion Aug 05, 2020

Guest post written by SheFactor Contributor Sydney Hahn

We all know that the models and stars on social media have all kinds of tricks to make them look the way they do. Still, we’ll find ourselves drooling over how good someone’s skin, body, eyelashes, and makeup routine seem to be! It leaves us chasing products we believe we can buy to become more beautiful - more loved. However, although these products hardly ever change how we feel about ourselves, we’re still left with yet another hopeless feeling and a dent in our wallets. 

If you find yourself clinging to that long daily makeup or hair routine, we challenge you here today to rediscover your natural beauty. 

Here are some suggestions on easing your transition into loving yourself without covering up!


Start small and work your way up. 

Whatever you’re most insecure about will probably be the hardest thing to let go of. So, start with the other things! Confident in how your eyes already pop? Try going a day without eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara; you could even start with still using an eyelash curler with no added makeup. Or, maybe you’re having a clear skin day! See if you can avoid any concealer or foundation. Plus, letting your skin breathe is the best way to promote healthy, flawless skin in the future! 

Your journey to natural beauty doesn’t stop with makeup, either. Don’t forget about your beautiful hair! Curly, straight, long, or short, your hair will thank you for the break from products, heat, or strenuous styles. Styling your hair everyday is damaging, and will never help you break the cycle to the healthy shiny hair you really want and deserve. 

Play around with quick, simple, and 100% natural styles that aren’t harsh on your head, or hide what your mama gave ya! Loose braids and low ponytails are often some of the easiest ways if you don’t like to let your hair down. 


Remember, it gets easier.

Once you begin to let go, you will start being able to go for longer periods of time without your favorite mascara or straightening your hair. First, it may be just going out to the grocery store or to run errands, but gradually you should allow yourself to try it in a more social setting.

Try strutting your newest natural look (whatever that may be for you) at dinner with friends. When you can adjust to these kinds of outings, you’ll really start to feel empowered, and you’ll have your girls by your side to cheer you on!


Let your feelings out. 

Journaling or talking about your experience can also help you gain the confidence you’re looking for. After your first day of letting go of something, jot down how you feel, and remind yourself that no one treated you any differently.  Talk to your friends or family about what you’re doing - maybe they’ll even join you! Embrace the fact that you are taking the time to challenge and better yourself. 


Remind yourself WHY.

It will be tempting to go back to your old ways, especially at first when you might struggle with how you look. Don’t run to buy that newest edition hair volumizer or pore shrinking serum. Try and remind yourself why you want to change it up. It will be rewarding for your self-esteem, your health, your time, AND your money! 


Have you ever tried a #NoMakeupChallenge on Instagram? Leave your thoughts with us on how you love your natural self in the comments!