freedom Dec 07, 2020

Guest post by Isabel Brown

Freedom. It’s one of the most meaningful words in American history, symbolizing the fight for our nation; the opportunity to choose our destiny; the reality for future generations. Sometimes, this world seems so monumental that it’s difficult to understand its application to our everyday lives; but truthfully, women in America are living in the most tangible freedom our world has ever seen--particularly in the workplace.

The fight for women’s equality in the workplace has undoubtedly shaped American culture. Once, there was a time in our nation in which women were forbidden from working outside the home, unable to attend college, or able to advance above an entry-level position in her career. Countless women before you and I have fought for our right to work hard to create a better future for ourselves, and for this, we should be eternally grateful. Today, however, we often fail to acknowledge that the fight has already been won--we can so often dwell on what women seemingly don’t have in the workplace instead of celebrating where we are and taking our destiny into our own hands.

In 2019 America, women have never had more opportunity and freedom to choose our path to success. Women make up the majority of our nation’s college graduates, toting unique skill sets to the workforce beyond graduation day. More women are actively participating in the workforce than any prior time in our nation’s history. A record number of women are actively serving in the 116th United States Congress, and more women were hired for senior-level positions in this Presidential term than during any other. Women now are encouraged to serve in combat positions in the military, and women’s unemployment in America is at a historical all-time low. Paid family leave proposals are advocated for widely in Washington, allowing for mothers to raise their children and dedicate themselves to their career. In addition, the number of female-owned businesses has grown by 114% over the past 20 years. There’s never been a better time to be a working woman in the United States, and it shows. Women are succeeding in every industry--from public service to entrepreneurship--at record highs, and self-proclaimed “girl bosses” grace our social media pages on a regular basis.

It seems that the famous saying “you can have it all, but not at the same time,” is becoming exceedingly more obsolete--here in a free nation, we have the unique opportunity to seize every chance to succeed for ourselves and make the most of it through dedication and hard work. Thanks to resources like SheFactor, women no longer have to navigate this process alone: there is a massive community of women seeking to provide support to one another as they adorn their own “girl boss” status.

Surrounded by the freedom to create your own career, what will you choose?