finance Apr 08, 2020

Now is unique time in our lifetime. Despite the circumstances of the world's current state, when are we ever going to have a couple of weeks (or more) of time to ourselves with no outside (literally, outside) obligations? Rather than focusing on the things you're missing out on, channel that energy towards embracing a new hobby, mastering a new craft, or having new experiences. All FOR FREE. 

Time to throw on that super cute new PJ set you bought just for quarantine (t-god that tie-dye is back in, amirite?), open a bottle of wine or craft your fave mocktail, because we're giving you the tea on all the free stuff right at your fingertips. 


If you're looking to come back from quarantine with a six-pack, or just looking for more movement than moving from your couch to your kitchen to your bed, here are some of our fave fitness brands that are offering free workouts:

*FYI: Some of these are TRIALS, so make sure you set a notification on your calendar to cancel before you’re charged for the full program/month after your trial. 

Strength Training: Nike Training Club, Sweat app, Orange Theory Fitness, Tone It Up

Barre: Barre3, Bar Method Online

Cardio: Obe Fitness, Peloton Digitial, Crunch Fitness

Yoga: CorePower Yoga, Asana Rebel, Alo Moves

Kickboxing: Title Boxing Club, Daily Burn


If you've already made your way through the 100 new Netflix shows released THIS WEEK, check out these conferences and events going virtual:

Conferences: Girlboss Rally, Bright Side Conference *Bright Side Conference is NOT free but the more friends you invite, the bigger discount you get!

Concerts: Lockdown Live (virtual music festival by Virgin EMI), Catch some live DJ sets like Gryffin and Kaskade, IG Live with your fave artists, Seattle Symphony, Met Opera

Shows: Broadway musicals, free Sling TV, did we mention 100 new Netflix releases (check out Cosmo’s faves here)?

Lions, Tigers & Bears, oh my! (No not Tiger King...): Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams, virtual tours of the world's most awesome animal sanctuaries


If you had to cancel that trip you've been saving for eternity, we hope these travel experiences can make it a *little* better:


If you're sick and tired of that Kraft Mac & Cheese (although, who could ever really get sick of that), support local restaurants or become the next Top Chef: 

Companies like Uber Eats & Grub Hub are waiving delivery fees

Olive Garden has Buy One Take One (100 orders of breadsticks, please!)

Chipotle has FREE DELIVERY, amen for burritos from the couch... 

Binge watch Top Chef or create your own Top Chef competition with these free cooking classes


If you're ready to master a new craft or take up a new hobby, here's all the deets on places to pick up some A+ knowledge:

Ivy League Classes

Pick up some random life skills (here’s some ideas)

Learn a new language with Memrise

Become a better reader with Spreeder


If you’re needing some anxiety and/or stress relief, or you’re just looking for some good old-fashioned self-care, here’s some ways to decompress, chill, and find some zen in the chaos:

Gabby Bernstein’s Anxiety-Relief Workshop

Join wellness and therapy talks with companies like Everday People

Check out apps like Headspace or Shine for daily meditations, reminders and courses on things like happiness and stress-relief


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