future Oct 01, 2019

It’s hard to imagine what applying for a job was like before the internet. You had to search for ads in the newspaper, go into a business and ask for an application, and wait for weeks to hear back. Now, we have access to amazing websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and our personal favorite LinkedIn. 


LinkedIn is a social networking site used to gain connections and look for jobs and/or hire-able employees. One of the most effective ways to landing your dream job is to develop networks of people that you know and use your connections to land yourself an interview. LinkedIn is an easy way to keep up with connections that you already have while gaining new ones through mutual connections. LinkedIn can be one of the best ways to advance your career and get the job that you’ve always dreamed of. That being said, it is a game, and it’s a game you have to learn to play. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date with key things that will help you get noticed by the right people.


  • Engage with other people’s posts. Everything you do on LinkedIn is about pushing people towards your profile so that they can see your skills and qualifications. When you engage with people’s posts, you get noticed, show your interests, and form connections. 


  • Look at other profiles that you’re interested in. When you look at someone’s profile, LinkedIn will send an alert notifying them of who viewed their profile. This will usually increase your chance of having them return the favor and look at your profile.


  • Look at the applications of jobs posted online that you’re interested in. The language used under job qualifications or requirements will give you an idea of the kind of skills you need to get the job you want. If you already have the right skillset, use the language and phrases used to describe your work experience on your profile.


  • Connect with people who are in the career you want. Don’t be afraid to send messages or comment on people’s activities, even if you don’t know them. LinkedIn is an easy way to form connections, so have courage and ask questions like: “how did you get to where you wanted to be?” “do you have any advice for someone in my position?” “can you let me know if anything opens up?”

  • Always offer to call or meet up when messaging or applying for a job… make things personal! Employers get tons of applications every day and the nature of the online world is a lot more impersonal. Try your best to at least make over the phone contact, and even try to meet up in person. Call the company and ask for the HR person or even go in and see if the right person is available! Personal contact can go a long way.


  • Use a professional headshot. LinkedIn can sometimes feel like another social media site like Facebook, but it is extremely important to have a clear & professional headshot. If you don’t have one, then put on a fancy outfit, do your make up, and have a friend take a picture against a fun background that shows your personality.


  • Even if you’re not looking for a job, keep your LinkedIn updated and stay engaged because there will probably come a day when you are in the market again. It’s great to be happy & content in your job, but stay on your A-Game because you never know what tomorrow will bring.


Do you use your LinkedIn? What tips do you have for the SheFactor community? Let us know in the comments below!