flame Dec 02, 2020

A lot of people feel & believe that long distance relationships are destined not to work. Your friends & family may advise you against it to avoid heartbreak down the road, but LDRs don’t have to fail. Nobody said it wasn’t going to be hard, but long distance relationships can be an opportunity for growth, both in your personal life and in your relationship. To keep your relationship alive & strong while you’re a part, we’ve written some of our best tips below.

  • Facetime

Thank goodness for technology today, because keeping in contact with people is so much easier. Facetime is a great way to have face to face contact from far away. Plan “date nights” with each other where you’re watching your favorite tv show or eating dinner together. It may not be the same as being in person, but keep the romance alive by having *pretend* dates over Facetime.

  • Use apps that work for your relationship

    • Vox: this app is essentially like leaving *sometimes long* voicemails to each other. You can send a short, 5 second “I love you”; or, a 15 minute rundown of your day at work. 

    • Marco Polo: this is a great app if you like to FaceTime, but operate off of different schedules. Marco Polo is basically sending longer videos of yourself to other people. It’s nice because you can reply on your own time, and you can also see the person you’re talking to.

    • Snapchat: we know snapchat has a reputation, but sending snaps to your partner throughout your day can not only show them that you’re thinking of him or her, but also help make them feel connected to you. Being in a relationship means that you’re a part of their life. Being long distance often makes you feel less connected.

  • Make the time you DO have together, count

When you do get time off, make seeing your significant other a priority. There’s nothing like distance making the heart grow fonder, because the moments that you can share is all the sweeter. Figure out when you will have time off and schedule in advance when you will visit. Thinking ahead makes you prioritize a lot better. During your visits, try to create extra special memories together; but, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create the *perfect* time. Just enjoy each others company and realize that no matter what, distance can sometimes put a strain on relationships, so it’s okay if your time isn’t completely perfect.

  • Mail letters

Old school, maybe-- romantic, YES. Both writing & getting letters is a great way to thoughtfully and clearly express your feelings. While getting a text or phone call is sweet, writing a letter takes time, thought, and work. This can really show that you truly care. Writing can also help you sort out how YOU feel. It can be easy to go on autopilot and let things come as they may, but when you write, you’re forcing yourself to only think about one thing at a time. 

  • Thoughtful texts throughout the day

Sometimes being in a long distance relationship can make you feel forgotten & alone. Make it a priority to send texts throughout the day to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. Although it sounds unromantic, set a few reminders on your phone (sometimes the days can slip away!) so that you don’t forget to send them a text. Share encouragement, a joke, or be flirty. Texting is a great way to remind each other of what makes your relationship special.

  • Realize it’s not going to last forever

Long distance sucks, and even if you don’t see an end in sight (or the end feels really, really far away), it’s not going to last forever. Since you’re NOT together, you do you! Live your life, enjoy yourself, and prioritize your growth. Use your time a part to grow as an individual and become the best person you can be. 

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? What are some of your tips for handling the distance? Let us know in the comments below!