folk Dec 03, 2020

As we start our Thanksgiving week, many of us are trying to find the *perfect* turkey recipe, figuring out the *creamiest* mashed potatoes, and concocting the *most delicious* pumpkin pie. Despite all of these *most* delightful foods, are we setting aside time to think about + dwell on the things that we are grateful for? Whether around your turkey dinner or in a quiet chair in the corner of your room answer, reflect, and do some of these prompts + questions to really show the gratitude you have. ‘Tis the season of food, family, and a thankful spirit! So, let’s make sure we take advantage of every part of the goodness that Thanksgiving has to offer and really reflect on how we can feel + show our gratitude.


  • What’s something you’ve recently learned that you’re grateful for?

  • Think about someone you love and do something nice for them. Even if it’s just a nice text, let them know you’re grateful for them. 

  • What do you feel has held you back from gratitude? How can you change that?

  • What is a habit that you regularly do that tends to make you feel ungrateful, bitter, resentful, or angry?

  • List 100 things you are grateful for.

  • Who is someone from your past that helped you in a big way, but they may not know it? Reach out to a teacher, coach, or friend in your past and let them know how they impacted you.

  • Write a note and give a gift to someone who consistently provides a service for you: this could be your mailman, janitor at work/school, garbage man, or anyone else you may be in contact with!

  • Reach out to a former teacher/educator who helped you see the world in a new way. No matter how long it’s been, it’s always good for a teacher to hear how their former student is doing.

  • Do you have a coworker who’s been working hard? Write them a little, encouraging note and let them know that you’re proud + thankful for them!

  • Identify at least one positive that you can appreciate about a bad, negative, or challenging situation in your life.

  • Do something nice for your family, whether you’re visiting someone or they’re coming to you. Clean the bathroom, make a meal, bring a gift, write a note!

  • Describe your happiest childhood memory.

  • Who is one friend that you can always rely on?

  • What is your favorite memory of your father? Your mother?

  • What is a mistake that you made that ultimately led to a positive experience?


We’re thankful for this season and hopefully you are too. <3 Share this with someone who you’re feeling extra thankful for and start reflecting!