freedom Dec 09, 2020

The Enneagram is different than most tests that describe your personality. Unlike Meyers Briggs, StrengthFinders, or that alike, the Enneagram does not require a test. Instead, through reading about your health and stress tendencies, your childhood wounds, your deepest longings, and your biggest sins, you must self-diagnose your own enneagram type. There is no one number that is best… in all numbers you can find yourself in growing, or failing. There are many women in each type that have used their personality to excel and change the world for the better. They are women who can inspire us and help us realize that there is nothing stopping us from success, whatever that may look like. Read about each number and find powerful women in each one below.


One’s are known as the perfectionists. They have a very deep sense of right and wrong and a strict inner moral code. One’s fight a battle within where their mind tends to recognize and criticize any and every fault.  They are very driven, meticulous, and detail oriented. 

Anne Frank, Hillary Clinton, Angela Davis, Julie Andrews, Margaret Thatcher, Katharine Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martha Stewert, Maryl Streep, and Condoleezza Rice.


Two’s are the helpers of the enneagram. They are that friend that is always excited to host a party, bring food over, or just lend a hand. Two’s essentially feel worthy based on how well they are helping others. They are extremely loving, extroverted, and warm. That being said, two’s require appreciation & they need to be needed. 

Princess Diana, Celine Dion, Monica Lewinsky, Ivana Trump, Jessica Lang, Dolly Parton, and Mother Teresa.


Threes are known as the achievers. They are extremely driven to succeed and want to be admired. While they’re usually successful by the world’s standards, threes often secretly fear that they are losers. Threes are socially competent, highly focused on goals, practical, and driven. 

Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Oprah Winfrey,  and Vanessa Williams.


Meet the individualist. Above all else, fours desire to be unique. They are creative, thoughtful, complex, and sensitive. Their longing to feel appreciated and understood for their true selves usually leads a four to feel rejected and misunderstood. Fours are aesthetically centered, concerned with self revelation, and focused on expression. 

Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Virginia Woolf, Billie Holiday, Stevie Nicks, Meryl Streep, 


Fives are the investigators. They love growing their knowledge base, are thoughtful, and are frequently experts in their area of interest. All this being true, five’s can also often withdraw into their inner world. When they face problems in the external world like relationships, finances, or work, they tend to focus on their inner world of their intellect.

Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Emily Dickenson, Jane Goodall, 


These are the loyalists. Sixes are extremely reliable, committed, hard-working, and trustworthy people. They have the ability to foresee problems before they occur. But, at the core of a six, they feel anxiety or fear, so they have problems with self-doubt and suspicion. 

Ellen Degeneres, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Rosie Perez, Shirley Temple.


Meet the enthusiast. Sevens have a zest for life & adventure. They are the kind of people who are always doing something and always focused on having fun. Sevens tend to overcommit and drive themselves into the ground because their deepest fear is to be deprived. Sevens don’t want to miss out on anything.

Britney Spears, Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, Catharine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz, Whoopie Goldberg, and Jenny McCarthy.


The eight is known as a challenger. They are natural leaders, crave power, and desire control. They are strong, resourceful, and assertive. Eight’s tend to be domineering and feel that they need to control their environment… especially people. They can have a difficult time with their temper and being vulnerable with others.

Sandra Bullock, Rosie O’Donnell, Pink, Queen Latifah


These are the peacemakers. Nines crave peace and harmony, and they have difficulty making decisions because they don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Nine’s tend to be laid back & go with the flow kind of people. They often avoid conflict and have a tendency to ignore problems in their life. 

Jennifer Anniston, Queen Elizabeth II, 


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