favor Nov 24, 2020

In many ways, libraries are a hub for people in your community. Through many programs and activities, libraries draw in crowds of people from all ages & backgrounds. Because of the work that they do, libraries are often in need of additional help. From sorting and shelving books to reading to toddlers at story time, there are many options to draw from. If you’re a book lover (and even if you’re not!), there are tons of fun & creative ways to volunteer your time to helping out at your local library. 


1. Story hour 

Story hour is one of the most popular events that libraries host. They can be once a week in smaller communities or multiple times a day in cities, but story hours are opportunities for a parent to bring their baby, toddler, or child to listen to a book reading. If you love little kids, this is  the perfect thing to volunteer at.


2. Shelve books

Shelving books is one of the best ways to help out at your local library. For a librarian, it is a task that is never-ending as patrons are constantly borrowing + returning books. Most libraries could use you for as long as you’ll stay, so go for a half an hour or all day… they’ll always be happy to have you!


3. Donate old books or movies

Speaking of donations, got some books or movies that you don’t use anymore? Donate your old books & movies to your local library. Even if they don’t shelve them for people to borrow, they love hosting used book sales to draw additional community members to their library.

4. Tutor a elementary/middle school student

Especially if a library is located close to a school, many students tend to hang out at their local library after school. During these after school hours, libraries need extra help. Volunteer to help student or two with their homework!


5. Lead a craft time

If you’re artistically inclined or you enjoy DIY decorations, volunteer to host a craft night at your local library. Especially during the Christmas season, many community members enjoy getting artsy and making decor for their house! 


6. Lead a workout class

Quite a few local libraries are starting to host workout classes and other services for free for their patrons. If you’re a fitness guru, volunteer to lead a Zumba, Barr, HIT, or any other full body workout. Bring the community together through free fitness classes!

7. Special projects

Throughout the year, libraries typically have a variety of special events that they will need help with. For example, libraries tend to go through books & movies pretty quickly, so they will often host used book sales. Connect with your local library, find out when these events are, and see how you can help.


8. Delivering books to homebound patrons

Did you know that there are many people in the community who have difficulty getting to a library? One way that you can brighten someone’s day is by delivering books to homebound patrons. Make sure to take the time to chat and get to know them as you drop off the book(s)… many of these patrons will enjoy your company as well!


Love the idea of helping out at your local library? Spread the word to your friends & family, and see if they’d like to start helping out today!


This is the second blog in a 3 part series: organizations to volunteer at this December.