future Sep 02, 2019

People are traveling more and more every day to get to work. Did you know that the average American commute is almost a full half hour? That’s at least an hour of your time spent in the car every day. That time doesn’t have to be wasted, though! There are plenty of great podcasts, audiobooks, and playlists to listen to, no matter your mood. Below, we’ve come up with our favorite things to listen to that will keep you engaged, learning, and interested, your entire commute!



To Live and Die in LA

A journalist from Rolling Stones, Neil Strouss, investigates the disappearance of an aspiring actress and model in LA. Follow along on the twists and turns of his journey.

This American Life

One of NPRs biggest radio hits, This American Life is exactly as the title explains… Ira Glass discover the most compelling stories and mysteries in American life.

Radio Lab

Another NPR hit, Radio Lab is a great podcast to learn new & interesting things. They cover a vast array of topics such as: colors, sleep, patient zero, and so much more.

The Dropout

The story of Elizabeth Holmes and her multi-billion dollar company, Theranos is almost too incredible to believe. The Dropout takes you through crazy twists and turns as you come to realize the major scam Elizabeth pulls off.

Broken Harts

A same-sex lesbian couple adopts 6 black children to form a seemingly beautiful & happy life… the perfect modern family, right? This podcast explores the story of the Hart story, and why the two mothers, Jennifer and Sarah ultimately end up driving their perfect family off a Californian cliff.

Happy Face

In the year 1995, the teenager, Melissa Moore learns that her father is a serial killer. This is the story of his brutal crimes, and Melissa’s fear of becoming like her father.




Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali is greatly enhanced in the audiobook as she reads her own autobiography. Ayaan shares her story as a Somolian Muslim girl growing up in Kenya, marrying a man against her choice, and eventually moving to Holland and slowly learning the freedoms of democracy. Ayaan’s story is not only riveting, but voices an informed and thoughtful perception of religion, democracy, and race.  

Money Master of the Game, Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the kind of person that will make you feel like you can do anything in the world, and his book is no different. Through extensive interviews with 50 legendary financial experts, Tony Robbins gives you a step by step blueprint for securing financial freedom, no matter your income level. 

Harry Potter, JK Rowling

Yes, you’ve probably read it, but if you haven’t listened to the book, run & don’t walk! Jim Dale does an incredible job reading all 7 books in the series. By far, one of the most popular series in the world, both JK Rowling & Jim Dale will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Peak Performance, Steve Magness

This is a great self-help type book that focuses on how to sustain a peak performance and avoid burnout. If you’re looking to pursue + sustain success, happiness, and getting the most out of your life, this is a great book to use as a playbook for almost anything.



Stressed out:

The kind of music that will mellow you out.


Skinny Love, Bon Iver

The A Team, Ed Sheeran

A-Punk, Vampire Weekend

Bloom, Paper Kites

Je Na Sais Pais, Joyce Jonathan

Us, Regina Spektor

Vagabond, Wolfmother

She’s Got You High, Mumma Ra

Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap


Falling asleep:

The kind of beats that are going to keep you awake you’re whole drive.


Hey Look Ma, I Made it, Panic! At the Disco 

Way Back Home, Sam Feldt

I Don’t Like It, I Love It, Flo Rida

Turn Down For What, DJ Snake + Lil Jon

Started From the Bottom, Drake

Pump It Up, Jock Jams

You Make My Dreams, Daryl Hall & John Oates

Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

Lose Yourself, Eminem

Tonight Is The Night, Outasight