fashion Aug 13, 2020

We would all love to fill our wardrobes with the latest seasonal fashion pieces, but it’s just not realistic (or sustainable for the world, or our bank accounts...). Instead, it’s better to fill your closet and drawers with foundational fashion pieces that are versatile in their abilities as layering or stand-alone pieces. With these top ten essential items, you can mix and match your way to dozens of outfits that go from casual to classy in a pinch! 


1. Black Leggings

Black pants go with everything, and the best pair are those that are as comfy as they are convenient. Admit it--your favorite pair of leggings feel like a second skin, and you can take them from the couch to happy hour drinks by simply swapping tops. Leggings aren’t always office-okay, but if you add a pair of Betabrand dress pant yoga pants to your closet, you are good to go, girl! Want something a little sassier? Check out Spanx Faux Leather Leggings


2. Basic White Tee

A basic white tee is the total blank slate. Pair it with any bottoms--from dark denim to a fun and flirty skirt, and it just works. Top it with a blazer for the workplace, some chunky necklaces for a more casual look, or a colorful hair scarf for a summer flair. This is a timeless piece of clothing that will never go out of style. For added inspo, here are 101 ways to style your white tee this summer.


3. An All-Day, Everyday Dress = Confidence

Most articles insist that every woman needs to own a little black dress, but for the modern SheFactor woman, we don’t think you should be so limited. LBDs have been all the rage because they can go from daytime casual to nighttime chic with the addition or subtraction of a few accessories. Instead, we challenge you to find a dress that you’re so comfortable in, you’d gladly wear it all day and all night, regardless of pattern, print, or color… a dress that radiates CONFIDENCE. Midi dresses are often the most versatile because the length works for a variety of temperatures, but really any dress you can pair flats or heels (or even sneakers) with can easily convert for any occasion. 


4. Button-Downs, babe!

Before you start thinking, “Uh… button-downs are so stiffy,” hear us out! They’re super versatile in their ability to be a layering piece or a stand-alone top. Available in a variety of fabrics, ditch the starched and pressed stiff collar for a version that’s soft and flowy, for added comfort and the ultimate all-in-one fashion statement From cubicle to night on the town, you can rock these tops everywhere. Solid colors will be the easiest to pair, but don’t be afraid to try some prints and patterns to showcase your personality. 


5. Jeans for Your Figure

Long live your favorite pair of jeans. Ready for every occasion, jeans today are available in so many fits and washes, there’s no way you can go wrong. Choose a style that makes you feel good, but that’s also comfortable from sunup to sundown. Darker denim is the most figure-flattering, but we also love the edginess of some distressed skinnies. Jeans are in style all year long… paired with sassy wedges or espadrilles in the summer, booties or tall boots in the fall, Uggs or Sorels in the winter, and dress them up for any occasion with your fav staple heels. Make sure you grab some quality denim that’ll hold up to all that wear without a tear and play around with cuts and lengths!


6. Hater-Shading Sunglasses

A cool pair of sunglasses have two things going for them: shade out the sun (& the haters) and accentuate your best feature… your face, duh. There are SO many frame styles out there, it’s important to think about the shape of your face (round, square, heart-shaped…) and find a fit that’s most flattering. The perfect frames will highlight your fav facial features--high cheekbones, a pronounced jawline, etc. Use this guide to find your new favorite style.


7. Lightweight Jacket

A lightweight jacket might be the most important staple piece. Easy to take on the go, and serves up as much function as it does fashion. Whether you reach for the faux leather variety or a more classic jean jacket, outerwear is such an important investment. Those in neutral colors and washes (medium wash is the most versatile) are the easiest to pair with other pieces, but something bolder can be a great signature item as well. 


8. Classic Blazers, boss!

A classic blazer is the cherry on top of ANY outfit. This is the perfect piece to throw on over your favorite concert tee, blouse, or bodysuit. Classic, shrunken, oversized...find your fit and wear it with pride. Blazers are the bow on your perfect BOSS outfit, tying everything together to make you look trim and chic. Want to make more of a statement with your blazer? Pair a long blazer with shorts and skirts, or add a shrunken one on top of bold colored denim. Want more flair? Choose a statement color that makes you stand out in any crowd, girl.


9. Totes Adorable Bag

Men may joke that women overpack their purses, but it’s no joke how much a trusty tote bag can hold! Tote bags are made for the busy, go-getter woman. From your after-work outfit to your laptop, you can stow away all the things you need for an alllll your activities. Treat yourself to the perfect tote--it’s like Mary Poppins’ magic bag, but far more fashion-forward. 


10. Statement Accessories

The best way to make a statement? Say it with style! Fashion speaks way louder than words, so accessorize your ‘fit to speak volumes, about who you are and where you’re going. More of a category than a single piece of clothing, this one’s important, ladies. Every outfit is an opportunity for you to get creative, and accessories are like a signature stamp on your clothing choices. Ask yourself, what accessories accentuate your style? Hairpieces to tame your mane or stacks of rings that sparkle when you’re working away? 


Armed with these key pieces, you’ll be set up with an arsenal to create outfits that leave you feeling fabulous & FIERCE. But, where’re the shoes, you ask? We would never neglect your footwear! A woman’s shoe collection is worthy of its own blog, so find the 7 Shoes You Need to Complete Every Outfit, here!