folk she cares Dec 06, 2020

As we look back on the train wreck that is 2020, we can’t help but remember all those new decade dreams we once had… most of them a distant memory for now as the uncertainty of the new year falls upon us. But as you make your way down your holiday shopping list, we bet there’s someone special on there who hasn’t stopped dreaming. She’s made the most of every curveball this year has thrown at her and turned lemons into a Lemonade Spritzer with fresh basil and strawberries (yum!).

But hustling towards your goals, especially amidst a global pandemic, can take quite the toll on you (no matter how glamorous the go-getter life can look from the outside). Which is why gifts that reduce stress and add a little fun into the mix are the perfect way to up your game (and her’s) this holiday season!


These virtual gifts picks were curated to help the go-getter gals in your life feel their best while they’re shooting for the stars. You’ll find journals and planners to help her manifest her dreams. Gifts that will allow her to slow down and smell the roses (literally). All the tools and resources she needs to create a life she loves. And, of course, who doesn’t love to let a little loose with a good glass of wine? But what they all boil down to is her wellness, the gift that keeps on giving. The better she feels, the bigger she’ll dream!

  1. 21 Days of She 


21 Days of She is the ULTIMATE virtual gift, and it’s completely free! Everyday from December 2nd through the 22nd, SheFactor will send an email to participants focusing on a theme related to self-love and wellness - anywhere from CONNECTION, to JOY, ANXIETY, KINDNESS, COURAGE, the list goes on. 


Each day will feature either a short video or paragraph about the topic, as well as a free gift that will empower her to act on that topic in any moment she needs to, a short daily podcast where we invite our community to be our guests for a “Dear Abby” style conversation, and an entry (with every gift downloaded) to win our new & improved SheMembership launching on December 22nd! Throughout the campaign, she’ll get access to exclusive offers and giveaways from our brand partners, including:

  • Suja Juice, the nation’s #1 Organic, Non-GMO, Cold-Pressed juice brand.

  • Vitaya MD, doctor formulated supplements and skin care designed for effective and effortless health, beauty and vitality.

  • NIRA Skin, best known for its NIRA Skincare Laser which gives you at-home access to the same laser technology as dermatologists to visibly reduce wrinkles in just 2 minutes a day.

  • Asutra, clean, accessibly priced wellness products for your self-care routine.

  • Sambucol, the Original Black Elderberry supplement that has been trusted by millions for decades.

  • Dioxyme, athlete-validated, small-batch, custom-tailored craft supplements.

  • Paleo Protein Seasoning, grain-free all purpose seasonings and seasoned coating mixes made to provide the everyday home cook flavorful, one-stop, healthy flavor options.

  • HORA, premium-made CBD skincare products to hydrate, protect and regenerate your skin.

  • Hello Bello, plant-based, safe and effective health and wellness products co-founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to include sunscreen, multi-vitamins, and baby products.

  • BRABAR, an online bra shop offering the most comfortable selection of bras, bralettes, & underwear for women.


Sign up for the 21 Days of She and let the free gifts start coming!


2. SheFactor Book


Society tells us, if you follow the plan, you can have everything: a terrific job, a great family, a perfect life. Unfortunately, too many women feel trapped and unfulfilled when they find out too late that the “plan” is just an unattainable ideal. You need to discover who you are and what you really want while you’re still young, without chasing some arbitrary, one-size-fits-all, impossible dream.

SheFactor will help her determine her own unique goals and truly enjoy the journey she undertakes to achieve them. Heidi Ganahl will walk her through the SheFactor process step-by-step, providing her with a framework for success in her work, relationships, and every other aspect of her life, no matter what the world throws her way.

Price: $14.99


3SheFactor Gift Box 


Our SheFactor Box is the perfect gift for the #unstoppable woman to begin the best new chapter of her life. This coveted signature product includes the SheFactor Book with its brand new cover, a journal to guide her every step of the way, and tons of goodies that will remind her every day just how #unstoppable she truly is. 

Price: $75.00


4. SheFactor Unstoppable PopGrip by PopSockets


If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, look no more. This Unstoppable PopGrip gives her the freedom to express herself without missing a beat. She can snap the perfect selfie, text with one hand, prop up her phone to enjoy her favorite yoga class on the go. All while keeping her from dropping her phone, her lifeline. Multitasking at its finest! 

If purple isn’t her color, customize a PopGrip just for her and use code XXX at checkout for XX% off!

Price: $10.00


5. SheCares Wellness Summit


Give her the ultimate self-care toolkit, fully equipped with all the secrets from the country’s most successful women on how THEY do it all. The SheCares Wellness Summit is a joy-filled virtual conference devoted to helping women in the workplace to take control of their mental health, reduce stress, find balance in their daily life of work and family, and to feel empowered to achieve their goals while performing their best at work. Each workshop will provide her with a set of tools to use to create and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle that she’ll love. She’ll also be instantly connected to an incredible community of women who will have her back after the Summit is over.

With 40+ workshops worth more than $60,000 collectively and a digital goodie bag stacked with discounts and freebies, there’s no going wrong with this gift. 

Price: $35.00


6. SheFactor Digital Membership


Nothing gets a go-getter gal more excited than being surrounded by other powerful, confident women going after their dreams. This digital membership will leave her feeling inspired, encouraged & equipped to go after her biggest goals and dreams. She’ll be able to virtually immerse herself in events, courses, coaching, workbooks, podcasts, blogs, and so much more. Get it now to receive a signed copy of the SheFactor book with your purchase!

Price: $395.00/year


7. SheFactor VIP Membership


...and if you want to dabble in something other than digital, upgrade her to the VIP she deserves! Not only will she get an all-access pass to a huge virtual community of women just like her and the ultimate guide to creating the life she’s always dreamed of, she’ll ALSO get a beautiful box delivered right to her doorstep every month. Filled with goodies from her favorite brands, exclusive offers and discounts that will take her self-growth to a whole new level, and tools that will complement all the hard work she’s doing to become her best self, this gift will remind her of just how much you care about her and her dreams every month. 

Price: $480/year

8. Private Virtual Floral Design Workshops with Melissa of Pepper Rose


Slow down to smell the roses? Not an easy feat for go-getter gals, but no one understands that more than Melissa (a recovering go-getter, herself). Her virtual floral workshops are everything intimate, informative, & inspiring -- made to cultivate joy and kindness through the beauty and art of floral design. Whether the lady in your life is a beginner flower girl or an experienced floral enthusiast, Melissa will guide her in a step-by-step process to create a stunning floral centerpiece with ease. By the end of the workshop, she’ll feel more confident, calmer, and completely inspired to tap into the magic of creativity.


The best part? She can enjoy this gift with her closest girlfriends no matter how far apart they might be. This is the perfect option for private virtual gatherings, whether it’s a girls night, a wedding or bridal shower, corporate event, team-building afternoon, etc.

Local to Denver, CO where Melissa resides? Get a beautiful Flower Kit of fresh flowers, foliage & a vase delivered right to her doorstep. 

Or, Melissa's Flower Sourcing Guideline will walk you through how to buy flowers from your local grocery store wherever your go-getter may be in the world!

Take 10% off a Private Virtual Floral Design Workshop with code: SHELOVESFLOWERS.


9. PleaseNotes Guided Journals and Affirmation Goods


Through affirmations, PleaseNotes Founder Cheryl Sutherland manifested a life beyond what she ever imagined for herself. She was able to boost her confidence, sense of self, and create an amazing life she loves! Now, she shares that same magic with others through her guided journals and affirmation goods aimed to help them reconnect with their purpose and chart their path to passion, reduce stress and anxiety and attract happiness and joy, and build a life of intention. 

This holiday season, help your dreaming darling see herself through your eyes. These journals and goods will empower her to believe in herself, put herself first, and become her favorite version of herself. 

Use code MAGIC for 15% off PleaseNotes products!


10. Spade & Sparrows Wine


A go-getter gal’s favorite way to unWINEd from the daily grind? If we had to guess, we’d say it’d be watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette with a glass of wine in tow (while pondering if ANY of the contestants are there for the right RIESLING…). Or maybe she’s on cloud WINE when she’s watching her favorite stars battle it out for the Disco Ball on Dancing with the Stars. Either way, there’s nothing better than Kaitlyn Bristowe’s wine label Spade & Sparrows to melt the stress away.


Keep reading for a special discount!


11. Virtual Wine Tasting with Sam the Sommelier


Learning about wine makes it even more fun to drink! Sam will bring the experience of a trip to Napa right to your go-getter’s living room. Sam’s virtual wine tastings are fun, accessible,  customized to the group's preference and taste, and come with tasting materials she’ll get to keep for life! You bring the wine (use the code SAMSOMM to receive $10 off shipping with the purchase of 3+ bottles of Spade & Sparrows) and Sam brings the knowledge. And if that doesn’t make for a party, then make it one!


You know what they say: Love the wine you’re with… She can enjoy alongside her family, girlfriends, significant other, anyone she’s willing to make POUR decisions with. Sip sip, hooray! 


And if she’s as obsessed with wine puns as we are, give her the gift of Sam’s Wine Club for $300/year. Check out the details here!


Price: $50/person (3 people or less) OR $40/person (4 people or more)