future Aug 28, 2019

Guest post by Sydney Hahn

It’s that time of the year again… the back area of Target, Walmart and other retailers become a war zone for school supplies. Steer clear of Bed Bath & Beyonds in any college town, and be prepared to go on a wild goose chase for office supplies!

The back to school season is something we can either dread, or learn to love. Whether you are going back to school with a fresh start, or if it’s just another average day of work for you, this time of the year is a great point to re-motivate and reorganize. If you’re a student, just keep reading. If not, scroll down to see how you can make the back to school season work for you too!

Students - listen up!

Your transition into a new year of school can be tough. Summer break is over, and chances are, classes get harder and you’ve managed to pile on even more responsibility than last year! This is why it’s the perfect time to reset yourself and get prepared to own this school year.

First things first: write down EVERYTHING. It’s more important than ever to have a clear understanding of what your schedule is going to look like 2-4 weeks in advance. Although a lot of times we revert to scheduling things in our phones, my personal favorite way to feel out the month is to get a big wall-hanging calendar to include all things coming up. When you can visualize future important dates and events, it will give you a much better understanding of what’s to come. Don’t get sucked into the mindset of only knowing what’s happening a few days in advance. This can lead to major scheduling conflict issues - (I almost scheduled a hair appointment during my boyfriend’s birthday dinner, oops! But thankfully my calendar saved me 😉).

Once you know what’s going on, it’s important you mentally prepare to create a new routine and shake off your summer one. No matter which silhouette you identify with, basic routines help us function and stay efficient. For more schedule orientated gals, mentally map out or write down how you want your first day to go by, step by step. This will allow you to feel out what a possible normal day could feel like for you. If it doesn’t flow the way you want, try out a different schedule the next day until you feel productive and confident with it. If you hate relying on play-by-play schedules, you should still make a list of the things you want to get done that day!

The final, and arguably one of the more fun things to do, is to load up on supplies and books. If you’re anxious about spending the money on a textbook your professor will never use (we’ve all been there), get it now anyway and save receipts to return it. You’d rather be prepared with everything you need than scrambling at the last minute to find a copy before a chapter is due. Treat yourself to your favorite pens, sticky notes, and pencils! Whatever will help you work smarter, not harder. 

Everyone else… you can listen in too!

Take advantage of this time to refocus on finishing out the year strong. After 9 months of doing the same thing, we can begin to lose ourselves in our motivation and drive to work.

 Shake up what you do in your spare time! If your schedule allows, play around with when you grocery shop, work out, or spend time with others. Keep yourself on your toes to keep life exciting.

Spice up your closet and workspace! Pretend you’re a student going back to school and snag yourself a cute planner or other office supplies. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to finish the year! You can even read our other blog on the best places to find business casual clothes. A new look can always make you feel fierce!  

The truth is, wherever you are in life, reorganizing yourself will be worth your while.

Have a favorite planner or secret tip on how you organize yourself? Drop it in the comments below, or message us on FB and Instagram! We always love to chat with you guys.