faith folk she cares Nov 23, 2020

How do you find things to be grateful for in the midst of a year with so many changes and unknowns? More than likely, your 2020 has looked very different than what you pictured when you toasted to the start of a new decade last New Year’s Eve. However, as we approach the holiday season and the end of the year, it’s never been more important to your mental health to find gratitude amidst the chaos. 

Gratitude, at its core, is the act of appreciating the goodness in our lives, whether that goodness is a person, place, or thing. Harnessing a grateful perspective is essential to developing a more positive mindset, especially in uncertain times. At this moment, it’s important to dig deep within ourselves to stop and recognize the good in our lives each day. To appreciate the things we may have taken for granted last year. To find encouragement in counting all our blessings. We’re thankful for...


The coronavirus has certainly switched up human behavior - how we interact, how we socialize, how we connect with our support system, etc. Though many of us have had to modify our usual day-to-day, we’ve also been given the chance to push pause and evaluate what we prioritize like never before. We’ve been able to reflect on how we practice freedom, leisure, community building, and work, and think about the importance of those pieces of our lives. As we reflect on what’s most important to us, we’ve been able to learn more about ourselves, and what we value, in the process. There is no doubt that these revelations will be important to us for many years ahead!


Technology has always impacted the way we work, but for the first time, employers are seeing just how many jobs can be performed remotely. Remote work was once a hard ask of our employers, but COVID-19 has made the possibilities of remote work far more mainstream. As studies suggest that remote workers are more productive, we’re hopeful that increased remote work opportunities will allow us to lead more flexible and balanced lives in the future!


At the helm of it all, frontline workers are facing some of the greatest impacts from COVID-19. These hard-working folks are at the forefront of fighting this virus, daily. In doing so, they are actively putting their own health at risk in order to help others heal and make the world a healthier place! We so appreciate their service and the essential role they play in defending public health every day. Have a frontline worker in your life? Say thanks with this sweet treat!


We’ve never been so grateful for fresh air to breathe! With fewer workers commuting, and fewer cars on the road, there’s evidence that there has been a reduction in emissions and air pollution levels this year. The impact of this progress, even if temporary, is definitely noteworthy. So go out there, soak up the sun and chill in the air, and thank Mother Earth for its beauty. Maybe even bring some of that beauty into your home and make your own fresh Thanksgiving centerpiece! 


The coronavirus pandemic has made us all the more grateful for the ability to connect with others! Whether we’re connecting over Zoom, text, social media, or snail-mail, feeling the support of our friends and family has never been so valued. To our SheFactor Community, thank you for staying connected with us, and giving us the opportunity to bring positivity and community into your life! We’ve now had 20 virtual events connecting with nearly 15,000 of you across the world, and we can’t not mention our weekly Virtual Happy Hour crew for sticking with us since March. We’re so honored to be by your side on your Journey to She. Here’s to more growth, love, and community in 2021!

If you’re struggling to find sources of gratitude in your life, utilize the prompts found on our blog Journaling Prompts for Thanksgiving. All of these prompts are great starting points for finding and recognizing the goodness in your life. Remember, at the end of the day, we’re thankful for each and every one of you!